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Yei faces food shortage

By Bida Elly David

Yei River County is facing a serious food shortage due to the high influx of returnees from refugee camps.

Commissioner Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said the increase in population has caused inflation in the market, as demand for commodities exceeds supply.

“At the moment we have a very great increase in the number of returnees and of course, food production is not adequate because of high consumption; this is what is bothering us here in Yei,” he said.

He said two-thirds of the population relies on purchases due to inconsistent farming as a result of insufficient rainfall.

Mr. Cyrus did not disclose recent statistics on the arrivals and how they are accommodated.

The ongoing inflation is attributed to poor infrastructure and the recent Lainya incident where humanitarian drivers were killed, discouraging traders’ movement.

Despite the tragedy, Mr. Cyrus noted that commercial services continue to operate as normal but with army patrols on roads to allow more goods to enter the county.

The commissioner hopes to restore food security back to normal after the new arrivals settle and begin farming activities.

He plans to improve work on infrastructure, particularly Juba-Yei and Yei-Kaya roads is progressing well, with the aim of balancing the domestic economy.

Returnees have occupied Mugwo, Kimb, Payawa, Longamere, Ombaci, and Otoggo, requiring relief and subsidies.

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