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A letter to the unborn (Part 5)

I am seated here, tears in my eyes, helpless with a cup of warm water without sugar in my hand. It’s of less use, even when tea happens to be costlier as well. Had I probably a piece of cake as an escort, it would be imminent to rule out the fact that the majority of our populace continues to suffer the brunt of poverty and economic collapse, perhaps reminding us of all the plentiful resources the Nation is endowed with.

Dear unborn Children, I’m a young person in our Beloved Country, roughly 22, every morning, forced to take water with no other meal, I prepare for work. I am neither formally employed nor working somewhere decently though I hustle much more which surely breaks down the young lad I am. Am I comfortable? Most probably not. Being well-learned, my humble roots won’t allow me to make good use of my skills to benefit not only the Nation but also myself. Even with my modest descent, we played an immense role in the just cause for our Homeland to exist, now with victory assured and achieved, it even hurts and saddens very much unfortunately to identify with South Sudan as a Citizen owing to the fact that the significance of the Nation’s vast, abundant wealth is barely felt in the slightest of imaginable terms.

As part of my roots, there was a Patriotic Uncle with children. Endowed with the zeal and need to give them a better future, he decided to join and actively contribute towards the Nation’s Liberation; at least that happened to be the best he could do to achieve the motherland’s interest over self, personally, I would have done the same.

Very unfortunately and sadly enough, our Society today happens to be very repugnant and collectively repressive towards and against its own Intellectual members, forcing them to encounter the toughest of circumstances throughout their lifetimes. Furthermore, on a sad note, my very own Uncle doesn’t seem to be an exception. With deep sorrow at heart, I weep strongly not for him, but heavily for his young growing children. Their father having taken longer to get married wholeheartedly dedicated his life to our national cause. Without any positive yield, we continue to hope that things could get better not only for this particular family but as well as thousands of others undergoing similar circumstances Country-wide.

Years back, on one sad, fateful day, this uncle suddenly fell ill and later passed away. Not from an infectious illness as we could imagine, but rather depression. With a fate similar to millions of our people all across the country, we are forced to reckon with the harshest of realities on a daily basis. With a history written with our blood, poverty certainly happens to be the price we shall pay till the end of time if nothing is changed to avert this absurd, worrying status quo. As young people, we are forced to admit that tomorrow keeps getting bleaker by the day, with meager hope for positivity. It is now, that tomorrow can be made better, not only for the few, but ALL.

Times without count, I often wonder whether our fate was predestined to take this unfortunate turn. Not far ago, our National Authorities fed our minds with endless prospective plans of progress, all meant to benefit the overall populace. Hopes were sky high, with countless Countrymen opting to sell off almost all their valuables, in a bid to see that their children attain a decent education in light of assured, fair employment. Furthermore, deeming it fit and needful to send some lucky students abroad to attain much better tertiary education, numerous of the returnees come back with wild tales and experiences. Apparently and seemingly left and ignored abroad to fend for themselves, things could not get any better but worse. The Citizenry has remained relatively silent and quiet, despite the fact that the Country happens to be in a state of endless anarchy and lawlessness thrives abundantly. On a very sad note, the sudden breakdown in cooperation and utter lack of trust between the authorities and the populace has further worsened the situation. Perhaps rebuilding and reconstructing this once unbreakable bond and relationship will take tens of decades to achieve the slightest semblance of normalcy, of course with immense efforts from the authorities.

As a young Lad, my life has seemingly turned out to be that of an Adult. Here, nature and the rule of the jungle, demand that you grow up before becoming an adult, then work hard and tirelessly all your humble life till untimely demise. Various, numerous, and endless woes of all sorts present themselves to us daily. At present, I don’t happen to see myself as a youth anymore, owing to misplaced work, responsibility, and hardships imposed on us by the status quo. It is imminent that by the age of 30, I won’t be looking like someone of that age. Here, hard work does not pay as they say elsewhere. What happens to bear immense significance revolves around your relationship with crucial decision-makers in the Higher administration, that is if you wish to live here comfortably, above the norm.

Without them, your efforts are always in vain and to waste. In reference to Education, a faulty school system doesn’t give room for fair, balanced competition, hence making the brightest students always the last in class. Right about now, jokes make not much sense perhaps because am not a comedian. Here, able and capable intelligent young people happen to be struggling with stress, depression, and all sorts of issues in almost all aspects of their young lives, which makes up the bulk of the norm. Sometimes some of them crack jokes in trying to spread joy and make others happy, but since happiness remains more of a dream and fantasy than reality, the whole thing makes no sense since we are mostly preoccupied with seeking inner joy and peace of mind. Even behind a jolly, smiling face, there is always a bowl of tears therein. Our People struggle to live a well-deserved life. Ever thought of listening to my story? There is basically no reason to, please think about your own!!!

Absolutely no one could ever comprehend our Beloved Country falling to complete ruins. Very unknown not only to your Dear little ones, but also to the majority of the Populace today, we have plundered ourselves and fallen into a very deep debt crisis, worsening by the day. Life offers no free goodies, whatsoever. As of now, paying back these debts happens to be hectic and burdensome for us, with a heavy heart, I wonder how you people are going to manage the situation by then. Our population keeps shrinking by the day. Well-endowed with resources needed to feed the masses, nothing keeps getting better. For the rest of your lives to come, you ought to ask your young selves what could have possibly gone wrong for us to live this way.

Apologies, we live not in just any other Country, but a loosely held place bringing together the best and worst experiences life has to offer. Here it’s all about the assistance of all sorts from a person of close descent linked to the Higher Administration. When your linkages bear fruit, it is imminent that access to National resources will be unrestricted. Furthermore, residing in decent housing, avoiding public transport, and having three complete meals daily most obviously becomes a norm. All these happen to be the best life can offer. A missing piece of the whole scenario ensues, with the manner with which national resources are continuously put to use in the most improper ways, the less fortunate in society today continue to face the brunt, I must warn and caution you, take care!!!

Here, the less fortunate find it hard to survive on a daily basis. Numerous of our able young people have lost their lives in various scuffles with members of the Higher Administration. One particular scenario I should not forget happens to be one of a bright final-year University Student, who was his father’s only child. Sadly, enough his untimely death has not only denied this Family the chance to enjoy the fruits of his academic success but also piled on more grief, sorrow, and misery into their already sad lives. Such scenarios show how costly it has become for the common citizenry to peacefully co-exist with the Ruling cluster.

Stampedes and scuffles that erupt and ensue when both parties are using numerous national assets such as roads for example always spell distress and discomfort. That is how that young man’s story goes. With numerous other stories bearing semblance to this very one, it is very saddening and utterly impossible to quantify the overall and collective margin of damage such circumstances present to the Nation’s economy. It is worth noting that all these are daily realities you will find and encounter and it is only necessary to remind you of what to expect in your Country; South Sudan.

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