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By Kiden Stela Mandela


It was reported on No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper (in issue No 990, Vo.4 of Oct 2, 2023) that police in Nyamlel of Aweil West County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal states are detaining a 22-year-old girl for dumping her own child into a pit latrine.

This is a good move by the police officers to arrest ladies who are aborting babies, as abortion is an unlawful act.

Abortion is often a result of neglected pregnancy, financially unstable parents, fear from schoolmates, and incorrect advice.

In society, women should consider their lives before aborting a child, as they may face problems during pregnancy, and should not abort the child without proper knowledge.

Ladies should seek advice from medical doctors and parents before aborting a pregnancy due to health concerns or health reasons.

Abortion may not result in a second child or cause unwanted death due to the effects of the abortion medication, so it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences before acting like a mud person.

If you are not ready for pregnancy, please abstain from sex or use protective measures that are healthier for your life.

Respect God’s creation and don’t throw it away. Do you know how many people are suffering worldwide looking for pregnancy? If you have done this, ask for forgiveness from God. Killing an innocent soul is a sin and take care.

Young girls often listen to their parents’ influence, fearing abuse from their husbands, especially when they are still in primary school. Parents often cover the cost of abortions, which can lead to the loss of children. They may allow the girl to produce and ask their husband to educate her if the partner disappears. They should also remind the girl that school has no limits. Love is acceptable but be cautious with who you share it with.

Some men fear responsibility, creating problems and hiding. If you have such a man, take responsibility for abortion as it is a crime. Be prepared to face the consequences of their actions.

The South Sudan Penal Code Act of 2008 states that “Killing an innocent baby is unlawful and is punishable in court, and one found guilty of committing such a crime could be sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years and with heavy fines.”

I appeal to the government of South Sudan to continue punishing those who are involved in the activity of abortion and to be held accountable.

God bless South Sudan

Be right there!

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