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Are you dealing with someone or is someone dealing with you?

If you are dealing with someone, you are safe, but if you are being dealt with, there are two things involved. Either that person kills you or locks you down to fail for life. If he locks you down to fail for life, you are safe because you may succeed in that 2% failure rate. But if he kills you, there is only one thing involved. You will leave behind your dreams unachieved!

I have a feeling that someone somewhere is dealing with me. What comes to your mind if you go for a medical check-up and all the results come out negative, but you feel sick? You may have two thoughts in your mind. Either someone might have gone to a JuJu man to bewitch you or because of the poorness of the healthcare system, your condition might have been missed. Dinkas often say “a ye kë bai”, meaning “they are traditional things”, if they go for a medical check-up and the results come out negative.

They go traditional. They perform rituals and wait for the outcomes. Some get well, but others remain in the same condition. What prevents me from saying “a ye kë bai” is the fact that I’m a health personnel. I believe in science. I cannot go traditional. I have gone for check-ups many times and I’ve found negative for medical conditions, especially those that affect high functions. Something must be wrong with my brain. I have adjusted myself and the thing never ameliorates.

I have decongested my brain and changed other habits I suspect might be the source of this, but there is no change. I have been prayed for, but my brain is still warm. I know I must have wronged a lot of people in my opinions to such an extent one, two, or three of them sometimes think of harming me. But is that the right way to deal with me? The right way to deal with me is to call me, talk to me as a human being like you, and show me the way forward.

One time, I wrote an article entitled “I was a human being before I became an opinion writer”. I can mistake but with your corrections, I can go about the way you all agree to go about it. I do not write for my personal benefit. I write for the public’s benefit. In my writing, I do not pass near lies! I do not flavor my writings with lies to please people. I do not as well praise people, though they have killed an elephant. This is to avoid passing through lies.

At this very point, I hand over my dear life to the truth to set me free. If nothing else can set me free, I have a strong hope that the truth will set me free one time. It is after the truth has failed to set me free, I shall lose hope and follow the filthy world for good health. This is just a beginning for me. The end is too far. Even with a telescope, I can’t see my end clearly. I have a plethora of dreams to achieve in life.

Some are for the benefit of all while others are for my own benefit. To reveal one dream in an attempt to cool down that person dealing with me, I’m aspiring to deaden the burden of unemployment by creating an organization. Dealing with me means dealing with the source of your income and that would not help you and me. For those outside there who feel they are being dealt with, keep handing over your dear lives to the truth to set you free.

Nothing else could neutralize the worldly powers except the truth. Someone may take you to court, but the truth shall set you free. Someone may consult a JuJu man to kill you for him, but the truth shall blind the JuJu man to miss you. Be truthful, be a savior of yourself.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.


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