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Creativity is an inherent gift of God to humanity since existence and has no attachment to witchcraft or sorcery, though most often misconstrued. 

To brand or label the 23-year, old Andrea Angelo Atoroba’s innovation as an act of evil practice doesn’t warrant any acceptance and should stop.

In one of No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper publications, we ran a story of a 12-year-old Sudanese refugee child whose innovation enables him to access internet where others do not.

Many, including children of less than ten years of age, have witnessed their creativity leading them to innovate and discover things of their passion.

If we lived at the era when man discovered fire, what would we say about such a person; condemn and execute him or watch the progress of his discovery? What about the computers and other technologies of our time?

Human being is a creator animal by nature, for God entrusted him to do so but lack of faith (doubt) has killed that precious gift from the Almighty.

Despite several reminders by Jesus to humans to rediscover and re-align to its original reality, doubt has persisted to derail the mind to remain in limbo.

As Jesus told his disciples (including his Christian followers) that “if you have faith, you can command the mountain to uproot itself from hither and move there and it happens.” But if a Christian does that today, will the person see the next sunrise?

Humanity has failed to realise its ability to “manifest” through the though power, lest grounding the self to lack and misery. Why to judge our own lack of understanding of things as an omen, yet many have done even more?

If African is to develop, we should embrace talents as gifts of God and promote them for our positive benefits or else the continent remains a learning ground for others.

Our government should aim at promoting and developing talents to avoid the practice of job seeking as a result of education that promotes literature.

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