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Blame not boda-boda cyclists, but females for accident-proneness.

Human actions are greatly coordinated by the presiding organ known as the brain which instructs the whole body on what to do. It is an intelligent organ that translates a signal sent to it by sight, smell, touch or even imagination and quickly responds within shortest time, sending back refined information accordingly. In the process of sending back the information, other external parts of the body which are quick to respond might have already reacted in response to a message received from H.E the brain.

This narration correlates with the habituated sitting style of females on motorbikes.

Females sit very close to boda-boda riders in a lustful manner where the breasts are directed on the back of the cyclist, making him ride thoughtfully with focus only on imagination that I wish we were in a room alone, I wish she could be mine and other advanced imaginations, such as relating it to his previous deal or abducting her to a quiet place to quench his feelings and so forth.

These thoughts completely darken the rider’s focus on the road, making him unknowingly hit himself against any blockage on the line. This is an unintentional mess that any man can’t stand.

A breast touch differs from other touches in that it has a name “fine touch” that sends a very strong signal to the brain to instruct related structures to wake up for an action. This is witnessed by undies and the chest, where the heart beats.

Two female passengers on one motorbike can’t even leave a small space behind the boda-boda rider, right from the very time they climb up.

Other female passengers exaggerate it too much by placing their hands on the shoulders of boda-boda riders while traveling. This may normally be seen like fixing herself firmly on the motorbike, but has an effect on the cyclist since it is the hand of an opposite sex.

As can be guessed, other women do it intentionally to win the bodaboda’s heart to either consider discount or allow them go without pay, in expectation of favour in future.

Many boda-boda cyclists make accidents inadvertently while watching through short skirts of females being carried by other riders.

Having said that, I very well know nearly all boda-boda riders have developed a never-miss riding style of interrupted clutching of both rear and front brakes so that a female passenger at the back of the motorbike draws nearer after 3-4 breast hits. Even pendulous breasts placed into a bra (sitian) can still send a signal so long the softness is felt, why not?

A friend of mine who is a renown boda-boda man with a little bit of comedy was contracted to take two women and a child to Luri in an arrangement he later corrected on the way when he lost control two times, which to him, was triggered by a bodily stimulus. They first arranged it in such a way that after him, one woman seated, then a child and finally another woman. But on the way when he realized he couldn’t reach minus a sad news if he continued riding like that, he abruptly stopped and rearranged the passengers, placing the child between him and two women and when asked by one woman why he did that, he admitted that he had almost made an accident two times because of breasts on him.

On hearing that, one woman said in Arabic “walai awlad boda-boda del musabilin” meaning these boda-boda boys are stubborn.

Females must take into their accounts that their safety on motorbikes is a priority despite both feelings and sinful manners played by a rider.

To know it exactly that, only sight can even make the whole mistake, read this true story that happened in one of the defunct states.

A pick-up land cruiser car took off from the state headquarters heading to a 75-mile county. On its way, two people, one man and one woman were picked up one at a distant. When asked, each of them was going to a different destination, with that of a man nearer than a woman’s. As rough as our roads, the car kept shaking them until the woman forgot pulling back her clothes from her waist.

As interesting and thoughtful as watching this particular area, the man too forgot to drop in his destination and continued watching until he was unsatisfactorily alerted by the woman’s call of going down. And when the man woke up, he found that he had travelled a 35-mile distant away from where he intended to come to.

Imagine, watching, took a person hours to realize what was going on around him, what if touching!

As a health personnel working in the hospitals, for every 10 corpses being taken to mortuary, roughly 6 of them succumbed to injuries encountered in road accidents. This brings me to statements that, road accidents, particularly motorbike accidents, are taking many people to the graveyard more than diseases.

I’m of an opinion that the traffic police department should tighten rules to help reduce road accidents.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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