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President Salva Kiir is set to host Sudanese leaders in Juba next week. This could be the first time the aggressive leaders could meet in months.

The planned meeting presents an opportunity for both parties in the Sudan conflict to forge a way to end the conflict that has ravaged Sudan for the last six months.

It is a significant meeting that deserves recognition and support.

The decision to host Sudanese leaders in Juba reflects President Salva Kiir’s commitment to rebuilding trust and ensuring there is stability in Sudan.

Although South Sudan and Sudan have faced numerous challenges in the past including border disputes, and resource conflicts among others, hosting the Sudanese leaders demonstrates President Kiir’s willingness to engage in dialogue and find common ground.

This meeting provides a platform to address mutual concerns, resolve outstanding issues, and pave the way for dialogues between the Sudanese warring parties.

South Sudan and Sudan share a long and entwined history, this means that South Sudanese Leaders understand the situation in Sudan better than any other leader.

Therefore, the planned meeting in Juba must prioritize addressing key issues that have stirred the Sudan conflict.

The leaders must ensure meaningful discussions and constructive negotiations that can help find lasting solutions to the conflict in Sudan, as the outcomes of this meeting have the potential to reshape the situation in Sudan.

It must be noted that stability in Sudan, is stability in the whole region, therefore, regional and international leaders must support the leadership of President Salva Kiir to ensure the two leaders reach an agreement.

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