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The search for small heavens in our big hells

I thought growing up, that hell was some kind of a place reserved for sinners or sometimes those who go to the bar on Sundays. I was also told that those who prayed constantly would have another place where they would never lack anything, a beautiful place in the fullness of that word.

All that you have to do is to read your bible, never steal, and take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor; I mean your seed offering. The rest, only God knows!

But somewhere along the way, I saw different things. Our Sunday school teacher never taught us those realities. I saw beggars on the streets, those who feel invisible to the real world, the forgotten members of our society. I learned about sickness and that it can reduce a healthy young man to a point where they will be taken care of by others.

I learned about war and peace, poverty and wealth. I came to know men who have so much that they can’t find anything to do with it. I have seen also families with completely nothing. I also learned hard truths about our country. That it is not those who run faster here that win the race here.

I came to realize that this country is one of the few countries in the world where one can get rich without having to work for it. It is also one of the countries in Africa where getting the next meal is and has always been a prayer request.

Everyone is struggling to come out of something. It could be school or sickness. Sometimes one wonders how one manages to go through the year with virtually nothing. Our people have learned over the years what it means to stand alone, even in the worst of circumstances. Now, the search for meaning is what takes the strength away.

For to be in this country is not a joke, you can find yourself crying sometimes when all you want to do was to laugh. This country is not for the weak and it is also not for the strong because when you think you have made it in life, something will prove you wrong. The politicians know this very well. You can be appointed today, and it will not be long before you are disappointed.

This is why corruption is our best friend. When you get appointed today, all you have to do is to buy three big spoons, too big that you have to buy three V8s to carry them, one to feed yourself, the second to feed your family, and the third one to make your bank account happy. The rest depends on who cares why you don’t work for the interest of the people.

For your information and if you don’t know yet, this country was killed before it was born, and we are all on the journey to find the remains of this country. The search includes looking for those who killed the country and those who are planning to have it killed when it is found.

Some people want it found; others are happy with what we have because it will be a bonanza for them to make more money.  The realities will leave you in shock. You will have so many questions and answers will be out of reach.

The lessons shifted my perceptions of the hell and heavens. It is true that we are actually in hell but trying to find heaven. Whatever that you go through in this country is hell and the solutions that you seek are the heavens. The problem is that making heaven out of hell is not just a walk in the park. All you have to do is to accept all that comes with it. The rest, you will never understand and that is life.

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