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This country, born of blood and souls, gives us an apt learning aid to maneuver peaceful endeavors to resolve discords rather than sliding back to violence.

An attack on the national army doesn’t justify the pursuit for peace but it rather aggravates the misery of civilians in the vicinity, which a group might claim to fight for.

The weekend attack on an army detachment in Kajo-Keji County of Central Equatoria State, in particular, with its location along the Uganda border, could have been calculated to cause animosity between the two countries.

However, such incidences could also work to the disadvantage of the attackers whose action might drag in the neighbour with wrath.

We should be considerate of the life of our people in refugee and Internally Displaced Persons camps, who are yearning to return, as life has never been a bed of roses away from home.

Thousands of our citizens are yet in exile; undergoing numerous challenges that some feel compelled to return home but then, gunshots still sound, making the hopes to vanish.

Even where guns are silent, the old sound resonates in our lives coupled with other factors making life not far from those in exile since we depend on exported food commodities or slim income owing to the unstable economic atmosphere.

If it’s not instability on the roads to our agricultural areas, the arable land is either occupied by herds of cattle with gun-wielding keepers or armed insurgents, where does peace lie for the ordinary citizen?

Religious leaders should take up the role of mediation as has factored in many cases, between the government and disgruntled factions to pursue and usher peace in this country.

We need peace, not war.

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