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Authority to boost state revenue collections

By Alex Digi


State Revenue Authority in Western Equatoria has pledged to ensure the state government collects sufficient funds to provide services to its citizens.

This was pledged during the swearing-in of a new deputy Commissioner of State Revenue, Mr. Elias Torosa.

“I wanted to echo that the number one thing that I will put much effort into is cooperation between me and my boss, the Commissioner together with other staff in the revenue authority in the state so that we generate revenue for the state,” he said.

Torosa also plans to organize training for staff at the Revenue Authority to ensure proper collection procedures and prevent corruption.

The Governor of Western Equatoria State, Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba, urged the Revenue Authority leaders to cooperate in their work.

He stated that the state is not receiving enough money from the National government to pay civil servants but is addressing these gaps with small amounts from the state’s revenue.

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