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Archive officers undergo training

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria State Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Museums, and National Heritage, is conducting a three-day record and archive keepers in Torit town.

The capacity building training aims to integrate state and national records, as well as coordinate the entire records house in South Sudan.

State Director General for Culture, Youth, and Sports, Wani Kute Joseph, praised the Donors organization for funding a national archives and records center in South Sudan.

Mr. Kute advocates for state communities to maintain their personnel files to maintain progressive records for future generations.

“Am calling upon you all our citizens to develop a culture of having file records this will help our younger children to learn from where we left off and our grand grandsons in the future to come,” said Kute.

The state Director General urges citizens in the Eastern Equatorial State to share their experiences, as it will help the government document and preserve past events for future generations.

The capacity building training has attracted records keepers from all line ministries and independence commissions in Eastern Equatoria state government to enhance their records management and development.

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