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Yesterday, the media commemorated the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists with stakeholders calling for protection.

They also asked the authorities to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the killing of journalists.

This call is a crucial step toward protecting press freedom and upholding the values of democracy. The government must take a step not to allow a few individuals not to misuse their powers to intimidate the media.

Journalists are the guardians of truth and are guided by the Media Authority Act. They have long faced risks and dangers while pursuing their duty to inform the public. However, such attacks against journalists demand immediate attention and action.

Killing journalists or attacking them not only silences their voices but also undermines the central principles of a democratic society.

It restricts access to information and obstructs open debate on critical issues.

By calling for an investigation, journalists are not only seeking justice for their fallen colleagues but are also demanding accountability from those responsible.

Such investigations must be conducted independently, transparently, and without any political interference.

The government must support efforts and provide the necessary resources and protection to carry out the investigations effectively.

Silencing journalists represents an assault on truth, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure justice is served.

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