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Half of life is painful, the rest only God knows

I am not well versed with the scriptures in the holy Book but all I know is that the biblical Jesus despite being the only and beloved son of the highest God, suffered more than anybody else could in this world but still went on to become a savior who paid his precious blood for mankind. The relation in this context is not something extraordinary but it is important because we also go through the same snags the same way Jesus did but sometimes, we take our burdens way too heavier than those of Jesus Christ and our Christ likeness begins to lose its vitality.

This is the nature of most of the young people today with me included. When we see the current affairs, we feel like we are all done for and the future begins to appear dark, and there we stop trying. But sometimes I disagree to agree with myself that men and women included were made to face the challenges of life head-on and that is why expecting a problem-free life is just like expecting God to send manna and bread from Heaven because that will never happen.

The problems and I must say it over and over again are part of human growth and we are always required to expect problems in this life because anyone who is not facing one problem or the other is not human enough and he or she is not fit to be in this world.  The world where problems do not exist is still not there and it is not in God’s plan to create such a useless world.  And before you take it deeper into your school of thought, just keep in mind that I’m not wishing you bad in life. If there are people who always wish others well in life, I’m one of them. I always wish people the best in life and that is where I get my joy. To see people suffering is what I don’t want, and I hate it even more when the suffering is natural. But what I’m simply meaning is the life that we have right in front of us and the costs that are interconnected with it.

Sometimes you may try but only cry and you wonder what kind of sin you have committed that is pushing you far behind. Again, your situation will force you to be a prayer warrior with a plea for some improvements in your personal life but as if it was something planned by God, things begin to get tougher and finally, in your heart you will feel cheated and completely abandoned but that is not the way it is.

The first thing you must know before that conclusion is that you are not alone in this. There are millions of people who have got worse stories than you do but they are still hoping for something that they are not quite sure of. Some do not have parents. Many are not employed. Thousands are physically or virtually impaired and the moment they open their mouth to tell you what they face on a daily basis that would be the day you will agree that your problems are nothing and they will disappear just like morning dew one very beautiful day.

You have to carry your weight and expect less or no help from the outside because the outside world is unfair and thinking of a better world where a good Samaritan would come to your rescue once you are down would be nothing but a waste of time. Learn to get up when you fall and when your eyes are filled with tears, find the strength to wipe those tears because nobody will do that for you except you yourself.

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