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Torit-Islamic Council rejects Secretary General

By Ijoo Bosco

South Sudan Islamic Council in Eastern Equatoria state has filed a petition of no confidence against the council secretary General, accusing him of committing significant violations of Muslim fraternity.

According to the petition letter seen by No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper Mr. Awad Omer Okot has been issued a vote of no confidence due to violation and abuse of authority vested upon him for running the affairs of Islamic council activities.

The letter partly reads that he lacks commitment to his duties and fails to take measures to unite the council members thus resulting in the withdrawal of the council members.

They also lamented that he functioned outside the structures of the state council as such he instituted that maladministration by appointing some members who had no link to the council base coupled with its mandates in the state.

Eastern Equatoria State Islamic council further reiterated the lack of commitment by Mr. Awad to the teaching of the Holy Quran and the Suna of the prophet “peace be upon him” thus a violation of article “8” paragraph “3-4” of the basic rules of the Islamic council.

The letter also lamented that Mr. Awad lacked the ability to foster cohesion of the congregation and unity of the Muslim community in the state thus a violation of article “9”, paragraph (B) of the council’s basic rules.

The petition also added that he failed to establish the council for counties and branches and entrenched poor relationships between counties and the general secretariat in the state.

That, he has carried out the misappropriation of charity funds for the year 2023 meant for the neediest and marginalized communities in Eastern Equatoria state.

Based on the aforementioned reasons the council confirmed the vote of no confidence against the council’s Secretary General, Mr. Awad Omer Okot as enshrined in their basic rules of the council.

The Islamic council also requested the following to be considered for the restoration of the council immensity, Dissolution of the office of the secretary General and formation of a state steering committee and appeal committee.

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