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The ideal of a Member of Parliament is to represent the interests of the public rather than a party but what transpires at Central Equatoria state Assembly reflects the opposite.

On Monday, CES lawmakers adopted an impeachment motion against Three ministers amid a walkout by mainly SPLM legislators.

The ministers are Mr. Wayi Godwill Edward, minister of cabinet and parliamentary affairs; Fred Laku Raymon, minister of housing and public utilities; and Viana Kakuli Aggrey, minister of finance and planning.

They are accused of coordinated lies over the alleged sale of government plot No. 64, block XIII, in Hai Malakal.

Yesterday, a sitting meant to determine the fate of three ministers was adjourned due to a lack of quorum.

Majority of the MPs, mainly from the ruling SPLM party did not show up for the sitting.

Whether lawmakers were going to impeach the ministers or not, the failure of the MPs for the sitting highlights the state of political indifference and party loyalty prevailing over justice and accountability.

And whether the act committed by the ministers would be classified as corrupt or not, corruption is a bad omen that has long hindered progress in the country.

It is the responsibility of the MPs to ensure that those in power are held accountable, but in this case, party interests were prioritized over good governance principles.

This kind of action undermines democracy, perpetuates impunity, and hampers national development.

It is crucial that representatives of the people prioritize the interests of the public over party loyalties.

Corruption and political gamesmanship cannot be allowed to prevail as the future of this nation depends on democracy founded on Justice and accountability.

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