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Torit fares soar over fuel costs

By Ijoo Bosco

Public transport operators in Eastern Equatoria have increased fares due to rising fuel prices and spare parts costs, as a result of the continuous weakening of the pound against the US dollar.

The Drivers and Transport Union said other factors include increased prices of goods in the market. The move was made in consultation Torit municipal council.

The state secretary general of the drivers’ union, Okoyok John said the bus owners have agreed to charge 10,000 SSSP from Torit to Juba;  25,000SSP from Torit to Kapoeta; 15,000 SSP to Chukudum 15,000 SSP to Ikwotos, and 20,000 SSP to Lafon, depending on the distance.

“We have given all this announcement to the local radio stations operating in Torit town and areas where public notice are being displayed for citizens’ consumption, am sure everyone has got the message we want to tell them, I beg the community to understand with us we shall reverse this prices once the fuel company come down to understand with our condition as well,” lament Okoyok

Mr. Okoyok also lamented that they are facing a lot of problems in fueling their cars to operate from Torit to Juba and across that state counties, as 20litres is now costing them 28,00SSP.

Osuru Dominic a driver at Torit public transportation company blamed the state government for agreeing with the petroleum companies to increase the prices of a liter of petrol and diesel from 100 to 1,500SSP.

“There is no way for us to keep quiet but to also levy the prices on our passengers for us all to share the burden,” said Osuru.

He added that Torit to Kapoeta now costs 25,000Ssp and Torit to Magwi is 10,000Ssp, Torit to Nimule is 15,00Ssp respectively.

The decision comes amid acute fuel shortages in Torit and throughout the country.

Sorur also added that passengers ending in Shirikat, for those traveling to Juba, shall be charged only 9,000Ssp.

“The state government decision was so hard on us and the ordinary citizens,” Osuru said.

“It will not allow our community to progress in this country.”

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