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The National Youth Convention scheduled for December has been canceled due to interference allegedly by the Minister of Youth and Sports.

The convention serves as a platform for youth leaders from the states to come together, exchange ideas, and elect their new national leaders. However, the reports of interference by the Youth Minister raise concerns about the integrity and independence of the National Youth Union.

Youth Unions are generally supposed to be independent, which means there should be no political or any form of meddling.

The alleged attempts by the Minister to deliberately frustrate the efforts of the current leadership for the smooth transfer of power is an attempt to politicize youth activities. It is wrong and the youth must stand against any meddling.

Such interferences in the planning processes, undermine the core of the conventions and choke the voices of the youth.

It further risks alienating and discouraging young people from actively participating in the democratic process.

The autonomy of the youth union must be protected and respected. It is imperative to resist any interference or any other political entity that compromises the integrity and autonomy of the National Youth Union.

Let the youth stand together to protect their voice. Only by doing so can, we create a society that truly values and empowers young people.

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