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If the adage that the hand that gives, receives blessings is true, then African countries are losing the glory of God.

Literary, Africa is a continent blessed with abundant natural resources ranging from precious minerals, vegetation, water bodies, fertile land, and favorable climate.

But contrary to the natural endowment, the inhabitants of this rich geological block are immersed in abject poverty.  God must be angry with Africa for not seeing His bias of giving it too much to the extent of misting the minds of the people.

It’s mind-boggling hearing that 54 African countries are enlisted to benefit from a $50 billion donation from a single country, Saudi Arabia.

No matter what name or explanation is given to this donation, it’s neither a birthday gift nor a sitting allowance to the countries that attended the Jeddah Summit but something which cuts deeper than our skin thickness, a sign of disparity.

African leaders must best form bilateral cooperation with partners in development rather than relying on receiving tokens packaged as donations and grants; for not doing anything to salvage the citizens from poverty.

As a recipient sorrows before the giver, our dignity is equally wiped out at utilization of donations, which in turn end up leaving no positive impacts at all.

Some “givers”, with all their gimmicks make a public show of offer with pictures and ensure media publicity, yet behind the scenes, they grab a bountiful exploit from the recipient’s natural resources in unfavorable agreements.

Others offer grants but with conditions that all purchases and top employees are from the donor country.

Counting on all the abundance Africa is endowed with; this great continent would be donating resources to victims of war and natural disasters, outside its periphery.

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