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Leave a good legacy in the world

By Theem Isaac Machar Akot


We live in this world and depart when it comes to the given time by God for one to accomplish designed tasks. Those leaving the world day by day have their time or task given, reached, or finished.

The world we are in today, in the English language as well as in so many other languages, stresses that “this is a world of wonders.” Others perceived it as the happiest place to live, while many called it the worst home ever. The reason being that one would not sleep empty-stomach and in the morning cherishes with those who have all types of meals on his table.

I am not worthy enough to explain it pretty well because it’s best described or explained by personal life experiences. I would want to say that the way your life is influenced by the living conditions gives you a couple of descriptions or explanations of the world.

From my own perspective and perception, the world has not been well, and still, it is not described or explained by anyone. Simply put, whatever kind of life-changing experiences one goes through gives the real meaning of living in this world.

In Dinka, the world is described as “piny mawulak. “Pinymawualak” means “dynamic”.

The other best description is “piny ceng ku dak, which means “This is the world in which we live and depart.”

For my personal understanding, I emphasize the descriptions because they have tried to explain how the world is. The first description tells us that there is nothing permanent in this world. For instance, you are seeing others driving, and you are not driving; it is their time, and the clock has ticked off their chance.

Others may be marrying year by year, and you have no single wife or anything to conduct marriage. Do not worry; it is their time to marry as many wives as they want. Your chance is coming your way with a full set of needs. Others are graduating, and you are still far behind. Do not worry. Education waits for whoever pursues it.

If you see others possessing wealth you haven’t even owned, worry less; you still have plenty of time to accumulate anything lacking in your life. All the ways you see others progressing or declining, it is the world’s fluctuation changing one’s driving gear.

The second description gives the attribute that we live in this world, whether rich or poor, and still we die. Death has no types, nor does it discriminate against people. We all walk the same way to hell or paradise.

Youngsters, elderly, and everyone else, we are messengers of God, having been tasked to live here for a period of time. Live in this world anyway; you are being affected by it.

Others have found themselves in jail cells, others in graves, others are losing potential, and material desires are luring them into bad practices. For example, youngsters have resorted to doing unscrupulous and heavily prohibited crimes (stealing and robbery) as shortcuts to get wealth. while the majority go by magical influence.

Young girls have resorted to prostitution, for it takes no time to get huge money. Everybody is doing forbidden things only to meet expectations.

Finally, live in the world anyway and perceive it as not permanent or the happiest place for us. The best thing to cherish about living here is leaving a good name and history.

The writer is a student at the University of Juba College of Education. He is reachable via: +211922490756, Emailtheemisaacmachar@gmail.com



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