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Though the vice president for service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi has warned schools against the vice, such are not open market practices like our roadside forex that place their tables under an umbrella for the trade.

However, deployment of invigilators and security forces at examination centers are, but it only plays a postmortem, scare role when the actual game would have ended.

To eradicate the malpractice, one must first investigate the moral amplitude of the managers and ensure they are free of the potentialities of being compromised.

The team that is likely to jeopardize the credibility of an examination includes the examiners who set the questions, the secretarial team, the designers, and those responsible for the printing.

If the aforementioned clique proves religious, then, the possibility of leakage is likely during distribution and even right at the classroom where the candidates write their answers.

Meanwhile, the fast-rolling technology comes as an ally in such malpractices where examination eve takes a prime moment for information transactions where the eagle eyes of the security are far from view.

An example happened last year where Kapoeta in Eastern Equatoria, Yirol West County of Lakes, and Malakal town in Upper Nile states fell culprits.

Above all, examination malpractice is not only a crime punishable in courts of law but it’s also a vice that erodes the fountain of education and robs learners of creativity.

It’s an unacceptable act; theft or stealing that must be stopped for the effect of generating redundancy and producing unbaked human resources into the job market.

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