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Human rights commission demands justice over Duk killings

Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission in Jonglei State, Deng Aruei Yak has said the attackers in Duk County must be brought to book.

Deng said in a statement seen by No.1 Citizen blamed the attacks on the Greater Pibor Administrative Area and called upon the authorities in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) to report the criminals for the law to take its course.

“…government of GPAA must take full responsibility to report those who are responsible for inhuman acts,” partly read the statement.

He further called upon the international human rights bodies to take note of the continuous human rights violations in Jonglei State.

According to the Human Rights Commission, the attack resulted in the killing of 24 people, and 17 people were wounded among which 14 have been airlifted to Juba for further management.

Abraham Kelang, the minister of information in GPAA told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in an exclusive interview yesterday that the GPAA government has taken steps to ensure that the raided cattle are returned and criminals are brought to book once they reach the administrative area.

He said he will communicate once the county commissioner gets back with the information about the criminals and the cattle raided.

“We received this sad information from Jonglei State’s minister of information. We sent the county commissioner of the county that borders Jonglei State and we are still waiting for him to get back to us with his findings. We will make sure at our capacity as the government of GPAA to return the cattle and bring the criminals to book,” he said.

On January 4, suspected criminals from GPAA launched an attack on Ageer Payam of Duk County, Jonglei State leading to the killing of 15 people on the spot, 22 wounded and went away with over 7,000 herds of cattle according to the report from the state ministry of information dated January 15, 2024.

Elizabeth Nyadak John, Jonglei State’s minister for information condemned the attack and urged the government of Greater Pibor Administrative Area to return the raided cattle and arrest the suspected criminals.





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