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It is mountains that do not meet, but people do

When I see some people, they look like God assured them yesterday that they would never go anywhere. Even Prophet Elijah had never underrated other prophets when God assured him in his secret prayers that he would not be buried when he died but taken to heaven. Ordinary people are a bit better, but VIPs, thunder fire them. VIPs see ordinary people like cartoons. They never think that this VIP thing is a cycle.

At first, you are an ordinary person. When you get to a bigger position, you become a VIP. But when you get off that position, you again become an ordinary person. So, one should not treat people like he will remain a VIP for life. From the quotes of late Robert Gabriel Mugabe, it says when a president steps down, he loses the letter “P” and becomes a resident.

Nothing lasts forever. Things come and go, meaning VIPness comes and goes. Which treatment do you expect from someone whom you once mistreated? Of course, an eye for an eye. You cannot chop someone’s eye out and you expect that person to chop your finger out in retaliation.

By God’s grace, an amateur found himself a Boss of an institution. He was filled with pride that he was seeing his subordinates like robots. He could even slap them when he thought of doing so. He could harass them on a daily basis. When his engine oil turned black to mean exhausted, he could order a female subordinate to change his oil. I hope you have understood it. Later, it was found that he slept with all his female subordinates.

He could cut the salary of anyone he felt like cutting his/her salary. He could sack anyone when he missed sacking someone. He could employ his own relatives and no dog could complain. He used to refer to his subordinates as dogs. Years passed by while doing this. One of his subordinates took the risk and resigned. I tell you, he was being searched by two pickup land cruisers full of soldiers. He had wanted to arrest him on a charge of disrespect. To him, resignation means a disrespect. Funny!

Thank God the resignee escaped for good and safely. He fled the country. 6 months later, he enrolled for a master’s degree. Two years later, he was graduated and returned to the country. The big Boss had his anger subsided and so, he did not arrest the then-resignee, but he denied him re-employment. The days of the Big Boss were numbered. The resignee was lobbying to take over the institution.

As a Master’s degree holder and an experienced person, leave alone the good conduct, loyalty, teamwork spirit, competence and many more, he went to the overall Big Boss and presented his qualifications and experience. Going through his qualifications and experience, the overall Boss found him too qualified to take charge of the institution.

The following day, he was appointed the Boss of the institution, replacing his Boss. When his Boss heard of it, he said “shit”, I knew this guy would replace me. He was a good boy, the Boss lamented. The new Boss assumed his office in the absence of the old Boss because he had refused to hand over the office officially. The new Boss, the then-resignee, lobbied for the old Boss to be appointed a Technical Advisor of the institution. Two weeks later, the old Boss returned as a Technical Advisor. They joined hands to work as one people.

Each day, the old Boss expected a slapback from the new Boss, but the new Boss did not want to do that. The old Boss regretted inwardly when he realized he was being challenged. So, the world is rotational. You may think you are everything today, but that is not the case. As the world rotates, it will rotate you to the darker side and rotate someone you mistreated to the brighter side. For those who revenge on bad things, you will regret it, but for those who revenge on good things, you will regret more. So, it is a mountain and another mountain that do not meet, but people meet. Thanks.

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