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Do good things for others and don’t get tired of doing so

There is always that euphoria and the feeling of happiness when you stand up for someone or a cause. It is what makes us humans. You are nothing if your happiness is centred on making others sad. The world is not black and white and not always what you think it is.

You have to be kind sometimes and maybe help someone in need and when you help, it doesn’t mean that you will change that person’s life but it will make them feel like there is someone that still cares.  All our country needs to be peaceful is not years of sitting at the negotiation table; it is just seeing the other South Sudanese like you with the same dreams and aspirations as you do.

If we can start being good to one another now while putting aside our differences, this country is going to follow the right path to peace. Put it in mind that you are not going to be here forever. Even if you have money or not, your assignment here will surely come to an end, and sitting before you will be the bad and good things you have done while on earth. It is never too late to change and it will cost you nothing to be good to fellow countrymen and women.

You are just dust in the waiting and this is a sad truth that every single minute that passes by is pushing us to our graves. But what is grave and what does it mean to us? I think nobody knows what the inside of a grave looks like because when people are buried, they don’t come back to tell us how it feels to be buried five feet deep but even if we don’t know, it must be a very lonely place and very dark like no other place. But why did God have to punish us with death even when he is well aware that the grave is not a good place?

Well, this is a good question but I’m very sorry because you will live to ask this question for the rest of your life without getting a single answer. After all, this world is a very bad place and we don’t come to live, we come here on a mission and when it is done we get back to where we came from and where we end up after this earthly life would be determined by the kind of work we were doing on earth. It could be good work or evil works, all have their end prices.

This is to say that you don’t have to be a murderer or thief and expect to end up in a good place after this life. Never, unless you change and become a better person, God can then find every reason to forgive and welcome you in his kingdom but what about when you are wasting your life doing things that will never add anything to your life, what am I going to tell people mostly young people who are living their lives as if they are doing it for others?

I’m a young person and I fully understand what it means to be young and I believe you do. This is the time when you should figure out your life and reach out to those who are struggling to understand why they are here and encourage them to follow their dreams. Right now, the majority of young people are living lives that do not reflect their true identity and they are giving their parents the burden of accepting the fact that they have no children at all. The group of young men who start to drink before they become responsible people and the gang group (niggas) makes it even worse evidence.

Now the reader can imagine for himself or herself the pain that the parents of these young people are going through and it is no doubt, that most of these people come from poor parentage but their parents have tried their very best to invest in these young people only to end up being let down by their own children who had been a beacon of hope to them before they became who they are today. This is a kind of life that we don’t want to repeat itself with the young ones because it is not going to do us any good and we are growing no younger.

As a young man, there must come a time in your life when you should sit down alone and question your humanity and why you are here on this earth. Are you here to be a part of the problem or part of a solution and when you are done asking yourself that question, you have to be acquainted with the fact that we are not going to be here for a long time? You can stay here now and tomorrow you are no more. Therefore, you need to make the right choices and live your life for the well-being of others and your community because, without this, you are truly living a useless life.

I understand that we are poor and the majority of us are living below the poverty line but that should not be an excuse for anything. We need to love others and wish them well in life. We also must always challenge ourselves to be better people and by this, I don’t mean that we should just sit down idly with the thought that God is going to appear from nowhere and make things happen for us because that will never happen. You as an individual can make it happen.

And it is simple, if it is making others happy, is what you can do better, you have to work on ways to improve yourself and do it better. If you are a singer, leave no stone unturned. If you are a student, you have to give your very best because to make it to the top requires patience and consistency but sometimes the price that we are tasked to pay could be very heartbreaking that we feel like giving up is the right thing to do but when you are still breathing, you have to make something happen and looking back when you are in your deathbed, you will see yourself in others and your names on the sand of time and that is a life well lived.


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