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It is us today and it will be you tomorrow

If you think we are barking, and that is why you distance yourself, the wild animals we are barking at will consume us today and advance to consume you as well tomorrow. Remember we are scattered now. We are here and you are there. The animal will kill us because we are fewer and it will kill you because you are fewer too. But when we come together, the animal will kill one of us and the rest will carry the torch alive. Do us a favour! Please, join us as we fight for a better tomorrow.

It is very unfortunate that you do not have a voice. The voice you have is a voice of your uncle. When he gets appointed, you also get appointed. The same thing happens when he is relieved. When he stays unassigned for long, he goes to the bush. Blindly, you follow him. He exits the bush through Kenya to any country of his choice and leaves you in the bush to fight for him. If you are killed, you are killed. If you survive, you survive.

He is called back for integration into the government and he disappoints you. What if you come out of his pocket? Come out and join us to fight for a bigger space. The space to accommodate you and a thousand other fellows of yours. A permanent space for youth. Of course, a space you call your own. Why do you hit our heads when we are aiming our guns at your uncle? We want to shoot him out of that place and occupy it ourselves. He is too old to occupy it. When the old folks step back, the new folks will have enough space to occupy.

All I need is the 73% of the population to think once and for all about their fate. Where, on earth, can only 13% of the 73% be the ones employed and the rest just live at the mercy of God?  It looks like it is our headache alone but it is yours too. The storm we are blocking can wipe away anything, including the unborn. The tree we are uprooting is a neem tree. It never allows other trees to grow around it.

It is a palm tree. It never gives a shade to us. In the morning, it gives shade to the neighbours in the east and the evening, it gives shade to the neighbours in the west. When it is midday, it gives a shade to itself. It is us today and it will be you tomorrow! Join us in the fight. I beg you. Go that way and we shall go this way. By the time we meet, our flag shall have been raised already.

If all what you think is that let them do it, our time is still. Then you are a liar. Yesterday was eaten. Today is eaten. And Tomorrow is eaten on fire. Which day are you waiting for? You and your tomorrow are sold. You need justice and you are denied it. You need food and you are not fed. You need treatment and you are left to suffer like a dog. You need a job and you are 5 years old today in job-seeking. You need good roads and the road linking you to your neighbour is full of potholes. You need more schools and unfortunately, they build more barracks.

You need free education and you are now charged highly. And many more. We have taken the risks already. Just take courage, join us and become the harvester. There is no need to wait. Tomorrow begins today. It is part of today and part of tomorrow that makes tomorrow. The part of tomorrow and the part of tomorrow’s tomorrow make the next tomorrow. Nobody knows the goodness or badness of tomorrow. That is why it is always good to begin it today.

There is no better day like today. If you do not take action today, the problem you are solving will get firmly rooted and you will fail to uproot it tomorrow. So, why not today? Do not be fooled by the truth that tomorrow has its own tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow also has its own tomorrow and the list of tomorrow continues. Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. Do something today so that your tomorrow will be a better tomorrow. It is what you do today that makes your tomorrow a better day.


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