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Time and life: Two luxuries you will never afford with your money

Sometimes it is good to see a glass as already broken into a million pieces. And problems, they are endless. One problem leads to another, and yet another, until at some point, you become incredibly sorry for yourself.

You will never understand what you have done to deserve this hefty payment and of course, you are innocent but you have to put one thing in mind, you are going to come out of this even stronger than you were some days back. Don’t celebrate when someone loses in life.

You never know what will happen next, sometimes it is never the end. You will never have it done at once because when you die, you will still have unaccomplished businesses. Life has no regrets but you do.

Don’t brag or think you are better than somebody else.

Sometimes it is godly to do something nice for someone else and don’t tell anybody about it. You don’t have to let the world know about your kindness. It is not always something big, even a smile at a stranger or sharing like clothes with the naked can do.

Don’t think you have made it if you have something now because you will still need more. There is no rich or happy person. There is only someone who is content with what they have. I have come to realize that you will never arrive there. You have to appreciate where you came from and be grateful for the role it has played in getting you where you are today.

Don’t pray before you eat. If you want to, it would be after you are done. I don’t know how you will take this but it is when we are done eating that we must appreciate God for hearing our prayers or their prayers. Sometimes you don’t know how people earn their living and others won’t be happy when you bless their food with the word of God. Getting something to eat for most people has been a series of unanswered prayer requests.

You think we have got leaders, I think not. There is only one leader I know and that is you. You think we are not incredible people? If you doubt this, take time and witness it for yourself. The first and only achievement our government has made was to completely abandon its people.

There is no blessing greater than that of a person who abandons you to fend for yourself. Let people throw you into the water with the intention to kill you. It would be upon you now to choose to die there or to swim to the shore. In this life, even those who depend on relatives don’t get ahead. I am sorry but it is you alone.

I hope you imagine yourself at your own funeral. You will arrive at the fact that it was you alone. Just be there as a spirit and witness how it would be done. Take your family aside because they are the only people who will miss you. Let me come to your relatives. Of course, when you were sick and in need of some money for treatment, these people were too busy.

You knocked on many doors and all the doors were slammed before your face. You tried God at least for a second chance and he told you that he has some important meeting to attend; you lose hope and the next day you are no more. Your family, they just have to cry and then your relatives, they are no longer busy now.

Your uncle works for the government. He comes and parks his V ‘8, pretends to be crying for some two minutes and then calls some boys to ask the price of a coffin. Then some crates of soft drink for the mourners. You are just watching and feel like knocking him to death.

The boys come and say the casket is more expensive than the money the late needed for his treatment but your uncle has no problem about that. He has a lot of problems, including sleeping with little young girls, killing and sorcery but money is not one of those problems. In fact, he prints money in his house. The other day, your uncle organizes your funeral and speaks of how a good person you have been and how he has invested in you.

Don’t blame him that is how human beings are. This is why I don’t want you to live to please others because you will never accomplish that dream. Do you know even in landslide elections, you get 60 percent over your opponent and wonder where the missing 40 percent has gone? No doubt, 40 percent want the other person, not you.

What about loving people with their flaws? If you expect everyone to be perfect, you will never be comfortable. Just imagine your spouse as a child. They make mistakes. That is part of life. Don’t over-celebrate; sometimes those who celebrate their birthdays don’t know that each year brings them closer to their graves.

This is where life happens, above all, love. One mistake I have made in my life was living in this denial of the world around me. If you know that this life ends, there is no need to hide your feelings for someone. You go ahead and tell them how you love them because you never know when it will happen in the next day, week or even a month.

Life is unfair, I don’t compare and I will never beg for attention. If people think you are not important, that is an encouragement. There is no need to run after them, just work hard and they will come looking for you. After all, nothing beats humility.

You don’t have to run outside there letting people know that you are humble. In fact, there is no humble person. There are only those who see innocence in others, those who put others before themselves. If you want to know how humble someone is, test him or her with money or power. This is the only yardstick you can use. These two things reveal a man and the person he has been hiding for years.


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