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Warrap pools funds for development

By William Madouk


The organizing committee has revealed that $1.2 Million and over 200 million South Sudanese Pounds have been raised in a fundraising drive held over the weekend to support Warrap State’s agricultural initiatives.

The fundraising function was graced by the vice president for the service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi, the minister of health, Yolanda Awel, and Warrap governor Kuol Muor Mour, as well as national and state MPs.

VP Abdelbagi also donated SSP 30 million as his contribution to the building of the state general secretariat office.

According to the organizers, the occasion was meant to raise funds for agriculture and food security in the state. That would allow the state to exploit its untapped agricultural potential and combat food insecurity.

“The organizing committee announced 1.2 million dollars, over 200 million South Sudanese pounds as pledges during the event, and 2 thousand dollars in cash,” partly reads the statement.

Addressing the gathering, the governor of Warrap State, Mr. Muor, appreciated well-wishers in both the state and South Sudan in general for their sympathy and support towards the development of Warrap State.

He acknowledged the great roles played by business people and well wishes for their endless support, as it will shape the current nature of Warrap State.

While Mr. John Deng Madut, state minister of Agriculture, Environment, and Forestry, stated that the mainstays in Warrap State are largely based on agriculture, subsistence farming, livestock rearing, fishing, and wild food collection.

“The state is well endowed with diverse natural forests and woodlands, which greatly contribute to the improvement and well-being of the people of Warrap State through the provision of building materials, diversified edible products, revenue generation, and environmental services,” he said.

He stressed that communal conflict, inadequate human resources, a lack of financial resources, and agriculture equipment, including a lack of microfinance, support farmers’ cooperatives and groups through loans as the main challenges.

It is worth noting that Warrap has diverse soil and climatic conditions that provide multiple possibilities for growing different types of crops to feed its people and for exportation.

According to the report, Warrap State imports about half of its overall food needs from neighbouring countries.

Besides, poor road infrastructure and insecurity along major roads create logistical challenges for the transportation of food and other commodities, leading to rising prices beyond the reach of most households.

The event was organized under the theme “Together for Unity, Peace, and Prosperity in Warrap State.”

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