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Mr. Future speaking in the custody

So many owners of future are not aware of what is going on while others are aware but muted by the harshness of the today. Loud and clear, Mr. Future is in the custody with chains around his legs and hands. Who imprisoned Mr. Future? Eye witnesses say that it was a shocking scenario to narrate. When asked repeatedly, eye witnesses went on to narrate as follows; it was at around 5:00 PM old time in 2013 that the house in which Mr. Future was residing was surrounded by armed people in one type of uniform and were carrying sticks that spit fire through small pinholes at their tips. Of course, what they call guns.

When we drew nearer to fully witness what was taking place exactly, sticks were pointed at our chests and some at our heads, said eye witnesses. After having made sure there were no attacks from outside, they matched in and brought out Mr. Future, handcuffed him and threw him under their vehicle. Because of the hugeness of Mr. Future, he did not fit under the vehicle, and one of the surrounders said in Arabic “Talaja de ma be shil wo”, meaning this refrigerator cannot take him. This was where we came to know the name of the container in which they hide and take people away, said the eye witnesses.

Mr. Future was seated in a green-spotted pickup land cruiser and thickly covered on either side of the vehicle by emaciated young men in one type of cloth with their eyes resembling the eyes of the sun in the west. As they were about to take off, one of the surrounders with 3 stars drawn on his shoulders climbed down the car and took a few steps towards a shiny black-colored V8.

Upon arrival, the car’s window glass screwed itself down and the 3 starred surrounder stood with his legs too close and his right hand against his forehead, saluting, and said in a louder tone, “Mr. Present, we have caught that most wanted criminal, Mr. Future. There is he now in the car”. Mr. Boss, I mean Mr. Present nodded his head vertically in his car and screwed up the window glass. It was from there we came to know that the person responsible for the imprisonment of Mr. Future is Mr. Present, said eye witnesses.

As clear as crystal from the eye witnesses that Mr. Future was imprisoned by Mr. Present, how best can future owners approach Mr. Present to negotiate the release of Mr. Future? If not total release, then the future owners can try their very best to make sure Mr. Future is released on parole. But the question begs, why did Mr. Present first imprison Mr. Future when their relation is like that between the Old and New Testaments?

Many days were spent by the future owners gambling the answer to this question until they were relieved by a mad son of Mr. Present who said, upon being asked, that my father (Present) said he jailed Mr. Future because he wants to recreate him so that he looks identical to the Present. He added that if Mr. Future fails to accept his commands, then he would make sure Mr. Future dies in the custody and he (Mr. Present) would plant his own children and water them maximally to become the new future. The crazy son said, what made me laugh was the statement of my father that even if Mr. Future extincts, do I care so long the history knows my name. When asked why he laughed, the Present’s mad son said, my father does not know he is destroying his own children.

Mr. Future says if the Present has failed to prepare me and refused to excuse me as well, and now has jailed me, what miracle can I perform to disentangle myself from the chains of destruction? If the Present continues to preside over me like this and oppresses me to exercise my duties with ease, where are the future owners to appeal to international community for my release? Remember Mr. Present is exemplified by hunger, revenge killings, poverty, corruption, tribalism, sectarianism, dynasty, bad governance and many other bad practices. But when I’m allowed to take over, I swear I will improve the standards of living and propel our land of great abundance closer to the developed world.

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