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Sometimes, they misuse our resources

If they build public offices the same way they build prison cells, we would be having durable offices. If they build the roads, bridges and railways the same way they build prison cells, we would be having imperishable roads, bridges and railways in South Sudan.

If they build schools and hospitals the same way they build prisons, we would be having good schools and hospitals. If you see how prisons are built, you may think it is the reason why crimes do not come to an end and you may be right. From the Boma level to the National level, no government structure lacks a prison. In fact, it is the first thing to construct.

When states were created, before the offices were constructed, prisons were constructed first. Then they used those prisons as the sources of income for the construction of offices. They used to put in prison even those whose eyes are naturally red. They accused them of being drunk as alcohol was banned. No explanation, no prove whether it is really alcohol or something else and no nothing. Just direct to prison and after a week or two, the prisoner is overcharged.

Imagine 1,000 cattle raiders can all be put in prison and the prison looks like it is in need of more. When cattle raiding is staged in the states, the state government is alerted on spot, but it does not take an action immediately. It waits until the raiding takes place, then it intervenes to make sure the raiders are apprehended, taken to prison and raided cows are detained and kept in what they call “Wun-Akuma”, meaning Government cattlecamp.

Not all these cows are returned to their rightful owners. Some are consumed by them, you understand! Later, the raiding detainees are asked to pay money not less than SSP 200,000 so as to be released. When you see prisons, especially in the states, some of them have tall walls that mingle with treetops in the space. Some prisons have schools, playing grounds, carpentry courses, churches, dominoes and many others inside them, just to make them comfortable for prisoners.

Then one comes to Juba, the capital city. It is rumoured that other prisons do not have doors. When they apprehend the culprits and take them there, they just click the wall and it opens side ways, then people enter it. Surprisingly, by the time you sit down and you turn to see the door, it has already closed and you can never identify it. It just looks like the room has no exit and entrance.

Some expensive rumours say there are underground prisons in Juba. They are meant for prisoners who are being fattened for death. In general, prisons are in good health but the prisoners are in bad health. The prisons are “Made in America”, they last long. What they just do is the changing of doors when they have rusted following the fear that the prisoners may break away.

They are built in a way that the prison cells do not get spoiled easily, but the offices do. They use our resources on building the places they will use for torturing and killing us in. I pray that one day, one, two or three of them may become prisoners in the prisons they built so as to taste how unpleasant it is to spend just an hour in a windowless room. I cannot talk about the sophisticated tools they use in forcing information out of prisoners. When I talk about it, it may make other people vomit.

I’m sure even when the city is shifted to Ramchiel, the first structure to stand erect in the new city will be a prison. It will be built by different contractors from those that are building other structures. They hire Chinese to build roads, bridges, railways, public schools, hospitals, orphanages, and to a stupid extent, their own offices. This is more than joking! But they hire British, Germans, Russians and Hungarians to build prisons.

If such resources are used for feeding the citizens, who would steal somebody’s cow, who would break into somebody’s house to steal food? Who would shoot down someone carrying money? Who would pick a course of hacking bank accounts? Who would accept bribery to assassinate someone? Who would bother insulting the government? Who would involve in smuggling drugs? Who would indulge in a dirty business of land grabbing? Who would accept to commit suicide by printing fake money? Who would forge Boss’s signature or stamp, whatever name they call it?

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