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Beware of false prophets (Part 1)

By Abraham Anyon Ngoor Gorjok


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Mathew7:15.

Brethren, this world we live in is full of good and evil people depending on where they came from or their influence over the people. In our above opening scripture where the devil is doing much havoc on humanity today is the area of the rising the false prophets in every nation of the world, we live in an era where the devil is outsmarting the children of God and diluting the brotherhood with the ravening wolves, the so-called false prophets.

In this topic of false prophets, am going to delve deeper in the word of God to show the characteristics of false prophets and true prophets and you know, in these last days many have focused more on false prophets more than the true prophets of God. If you reflect back in your junior school, you will remember in your examination time; there some of the questions given to you to write false if the statement is wrong or write the word true along, so now you will receive insights on how to discern the false and true prophets as we finish this series of Being aware of false prophets.

Our lives and destinies on earth today are determined by the voices we adhere to always. Any voice we listen and act upon will determine the path we take in life; this is why it’s so crucial to know the right voice to listen or else we shall become victims of the wrong voices.

In our opening verse of Scripture tell us to be aware of False prophets, when the Bible tells us to be aware then we have to be aware of the that thing we should be aware of consistently. There is danger in our midst everyday as believers and this is the danger that God our father doesn’t want us to be part of.

False and true prophets are so many and we must learn from the word of God to separate and adhere to our ears to listen to the prophets from the God. False prophets seemed to have taken an attention of people more that the true ones. We have fought the true ones thinking they are false ones until we lost sight of the fact God sends true prophets on earth in every generation just because we are ignorant doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Hosea 4:8says My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge.  Not knowing the true knowledge can make act wrongly and the consequences of sowing and reaping will not stop until you are get understanding on a certain area, the law of sowing and reaping works anytime, anywhere and under any available circumstances. So it’s the high time we don’t just run our mouth and conclude that there are not true prophets of God today and generalize every prophet to be false yet you don’t know the scripture basis of your statements.

Yes ,false prophets exist ;they have done more harm than good .Jesus speaking to his disciples then, he  told them to be aware of false prophets who come to them  in sheep’s clothing ,in other words they  pretend to be  shepherds feeding the flock but they are ravening wolves ,they are dangerous to souls of  men  ,they cause chaos instead of order ,they cause Confusion in the body of Christ instead of soberness and healing of men.

We have seen how the teachers, pastors, evangelists, Apostles and Prophets dress in our modern era, they dress in glamour and in neatness. They have embraced the modern fashion which is fine, there is nothing wrong about it but some of the parasites, who are the false prophets have creeped in the company of witnesses of our lord Jesus Christ, the son of the living God hiding in hypocrisy tarnishing the true prophets and especially tarnishing the name of God almighty.

Let’s x-ray how to discern a false prophet in our modern world today, remember the word of God is infallible and reliable, you can trust it as a believer in Christ Jesus.

The first sign to recognize a false prophet is the fact that they say what people want to hear, let’s read this scripture in the Bible 2timothy 4:3 -4For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables.

In these last days many have really turned to prophets who wants them to tell them what they want not what God wants to tell them. These false prophets are doing their best to advance the will of the devil on earth. They have turned many to words that lineup with their emotions, traditions of men and rudiments of the world have become the order of the day. A true prophet must say only what God says and never add to it. however, we need to know that truth can’t be turned down for ever, it shall last for all eternity. All else shall pass away but his word shall remain Jesus will judge those prophets according to whatever they did.

Life is sweet when you hear the true voice of God. His voice is dependable, be diligent in listening to what he has to say about a situation you are going through since you are one spirit with him.

Prophetic Confessions

Lord, am alert and watchful over my life against the false prophets, am ready to close my ears from listening to false prophets and listen you and true prophets you have sent to do your known will in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Salvation prayer

Today, I acknowledge your lordship over my life today; am born again, thank for dying for me on the cross. Write my name in the book of life in Jesus’ name, Amen!

If you have prayed this prayer, we believe you are saved, now find a bible believing church and grow your faith in Him!

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