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These days there are no news that talks about peace in some parts of South Sudan.

The conflict in Greater Bahr El Ghazal states is worsening every day as if there are no government authorities in the region. It is a bad habit that armed groups keep on attacking themselves all the time, killing innocent souls in the conflict areas.

Just like what happened in Fashoda last year where more than ten people were killed in a violence.

You find that armed groups keep on accusing themselves all the time like this aggression between Twic of Warrap-Ngok of Abyei, including Gai Machiek Militia forces must stop.

The forces should move to the military bases for peace and tranquility to reign. The government should beef up security to avoid such attacks.

The Warrap armed youth and Gai Machiek militia forces must not disturb the peace of civilians in the states by causing endless crisis causing thousands of people to flee for safety and shelter.

For how long are you going to disagree by embracing such conflicts? Leave people to battle hunger, flooding, Sicknesses, economic crisis and many other problems but not dying of gun shots.

The 21 years of liberation struggle are enough; again, what are you struggling for? If its power, be diplomatic enough to use ballots but not bullets that kill innocent civilians who don’t know what you are fighting for.

It is now taking almost two-months hearing attacks on the same area.

Abyei and the adjacent areas have turned to points of terror where people live in fear of eminent havoc from warring Sudan forces yet communal violence has become the order of the day.

Abductions, killings by the armed group which is very bad and in all these, you find that women and children are the most suffering in the country.

These youths could be supported by politically ambitious individuals in the country to perpetrate attacks for their own hideous benefits.

The issue of Abyei is already presented to the president and directives were given to the authority in those two states about the policy action, more especially the demarcation of the internal border where they are supposed to wait for the response.

This indicates clearly that; these youths are politically motivated because if that is not the case then where are they getting their guns from?  It always starts as a protest against land issues, then it ends up in bloodshed and violence which later on causes displacement of thousands of civilians who are waiting to die either of hunger or floods since the violence may not allow them to cultivate.

Politicians one day will be accountable for these unnecessary killings in some of the states and counties.

All youths in South Sudan should join education and focus on their future because you are the future leaders of this country. Do not allow yourself to be misused by our elders in bigger positions in the government.

More especially, young people under eighteen years, you still have brighter future, return back the guns to the owners.

I’m calling on the government to intervene by beefing up security in the states where intercommunal wars are daily bread.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!


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