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It is what we leave behind that makes us who we are

Beyond the family circle, who else remembers a stillborn? Who remembers a neonate who died a week after delivery? Who remembers an infant who just died before completing a year? They can only be remembered by the family members and nothing significant is said about them apart from their beauty and handsomeness.

An Asian cannot get in the internet a biography of an African infant who died some years ago. The news of the death of a child in America cannot reach South Sudan. A flag cannot fly at half-mast because an infant has died. Not even half a day can be set as a public holiday for someone who has not made any significance in the lives of people.

Creating something worth documenting in the legacy book is so hard that other people fail to make it in life. It is unfortunate that other people die today and after just a week, they are forgotten. Their own relatives even organise joyous occasions shortly after death. This is because the one who died has not left behind anything worth significant.

One of the hardest things is embarking on a journey of building a rich legacy. It is not a one-man journey. It is always a collective responsibility to build a rich legacy. The biggest challenge is the trust you have for those working with you in building your legacy. When you are building a legacy, be careful of those working with you.

This is because a few of them may be spies or may be jealous people who join with the intention of destroying your legacy. Instead, they will be giving you broken bricks when the good ones are there just to make your reputation susceptible to collapse in advance.

While busy placing one brick after another to make sure your reputation attains a recognizable height in a short time, one, two or three of them who are in charge of mixing cement and sand with water mix them wrongly to allure cracks to your reputation which may later coalesce to push your reputation down.

Those in charge of interweaving metals on which the foundation is raised and those interposed between angles and neck of your reputation may as well jealously misinterweave them knowingly, not to withstand the weight of the reputation and so, they would bend as early as half a decade. Those in charge of the provision of construction materials are not exceptional either.

They may be the very people having a bigger hand in your downfall as they deceive you to have bought the construction materials from Germany or Hungary, but they bought them from China. You be happy because you are building a long-lasting legacy with original materials but blindly, you are building your reputation with fake materials which do not last long. Looking at it strictly, you find that nobody works with a pure heart to see you prospering. But there is no way you can avoid this at all because nobody builds a legacy alone.

When you really want to leave behind a rich legacy for your remembrance, you must be an architect of your own legacy. Make it a sacrifice. What do you think is your difference with those who are remembered now and will continue to be remembered until the end of the earth? No difference.

All it needs you to do is to choose a course and pursue it. But make sure the course you have chosen is for the people, not yours. When you work for people, you will live a celebrant. Each year comes and people commemorate you. When you are commemorated, it means you have left a legacy behind. Dedicate your life to building your legacy so that when you are gone, you are not gone for good.

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