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Traffic Police urge motorists to renew expired documents

By Ijoo Bosco


Magwi traffic police are urging motorists to renew their expired driving permits and obtain vehicle number plates to avoid legal repercussions.

The call comes after reports of Boda-Boda riders from Magwi facing arrests in Torit due to outdated documents.

“We have received information about Boda-Boda riders being arrested in Torit for expired documents and missing plates,” said traffic police officer Mr. George Jaldwong.

“We have all the necessary documents available in Magwi, but many riders and drivers ignore our warnings until they are forced to act” he continued.

Mr. Jaldwong emphasized the importance of obtaining driving permits and registering vehicles for safety reasons.

He highlighted the inconvenience and expense of traveling to Juba for these services, urging residents to take advantage of the locally available options.

“We offer motorcycle number plates for 28,000 SSP and riding permits for 12,000 SSP,” he explained. “This is a government initiative to make the process easier and more affordable.”

Mr. Jaldwong acknowledged complaints from motorists about the enforcement of regulations. However, he stressed the importance of obeying the law to ensure safety on the roads and avoid accidents.

“We urge all motorists to comply with the law and renew their expired documents,” he stressed. “This will not only prevent legal issues but also contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone.”


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