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The call by some artists for unity among themselves to pacify the country’s message through music for election, is apt.

There has been massive misuse of social media by a number of artists for bickering over who is who in the country yet such practices are detrimental to all.

First, musicians hold a key position as they can easily trigger a society for either positive or negative transformation through their songs which are more listened to in a community than words of preachers.

Regardless of whether an upcoming or a seasoned artist, it is very important to be exemplary in the industry to foster unity and peace for a unified voice to drive the common agenda of peace and harmony in the country.

Music is not just words or sound but an element which holds energy the change events. It has a supernatural power, embedded in between the words and the sound.

One can attest to the power of music in mobilization, for instance “Lokwilili” became popular and was used to attract the masses during referendum campaigns. The presence of artists in social events, acts as a magnet to pull a crowd.

That’s the great power in you, artists.

It doesn’t matter in whichever language one sings, music finds its own way of penetrating the souls in the universe and so the artists should value each other.

In the pursuit of peace, no matter who has the best voice, lyrics, resources and whatever you can mention, every play is important and achieving the common goal is ultimate.

Together for peace.



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