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Ikotos call for telecom network

By Jino Wilson


Residents of Ramula payam in Ikotos County, Eastern Equatoria State, urgently need establishment of a telephone network in the area for communication.

Simon Lotwani, a youth representative at Ramula Boma, stated the significance of a network as a medium for seamless communication and connecting people globally.

This plea was made during a pre-consultative peace meeting organized by the Root of Generations (ROG) in collaboration with the Shejeh Salaam USAID-funded project.

Mr. Simon Lotwani highlighted the detrimental consequences faced by the communities due to the absence of a network in the area.

“We need network to easy our communication, we are in a darkness, and we are not connected to the world. It is hard for the community here to get information, to Communicate to their sisters and brothers worldwide.,” he said.

Mr. Simon also emphasized that a coordinated network could effectively prevent cattle-raiding incidents by facilitating better communication and coordination with neighbouring counties.

“How do government expect us to get fresh information when they continue neglecting us in this payams and Bomas? You hardly get our representative representing us either from states and the National government visiting us but when it comes to the time of election, you find them running to these remote areas they neglect to look for votes. This time round we want to see,” he stressed.

He stated that areas, like Bira, Lotome, Ramula, Chorokol & Chahari are most disadvantaged with no network connection making communities stay in darkness.

In separate pre-consultative peace meetings held in different parts of Bira, Chorokol payam, Ramula Bomas, Lotome, and Chahari Payams Ikotos County, Communities are expressing dismay over the absence of a network.

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