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Everyone is nailed on the cross 

For all of us, it is hard to know that we are all locked up in an invisible prison without trials for a crime we have never committed. We are all coming from nowhere and it seems like we are going nowhere but we just want to get there, a place too far from where we are.

The doors are all locked and the place is too hot. It is also dark inside too. For the blind ones, this is a place where they feel like they have eyes because those with eyes cannot see too.  I repeat, it is damn dark inside.

There seems to be noise inside there. It is not known what is happening there but we should not forget that there is not enough oxygen in there. Everyone is struggling inside to breathe, to see the light. There is no light that can outshine this darkness.

We can still hear noise. This is even louder. There is fighting inside. Everyone is struggling for a way out of the dungeon. Imagine there are about 100,000 people in the vault; all looking for a place to call home again. Not all of these people will come out. It is not about luck.

It is about being strong. The weak are not fit to be there. You know, there are children and women there.  They also want to get out of this. These children have never played with other children before and they want to start a new life, to grow up, go to school and become responsible citizens.

The good news is that these children have good dreams and the bad news is that those dreams will never come true.  They will be killed, all of them. In the prison, the big ones eat the small ones. That is also the law of nature. The big fish eat the small ones, even their own children when things are bad for them.

In this journey, many are called but only a few will get there. The problem is that we don’t know where we are going. We feel, maybe, at the end of this long journey, we may find our way out of this prison and finally home, where we can feel like humans again. There are people here, I mean in the prison, who have never seen themselves in the mirror for years. Thanks to the prison guards for not providing mirrors. You will cry if you know how you have suddenly changed in size and weight.

You need to go home and find some time to take a hot shower and maybe find something to eat. For those who have never laughed for years and throughout the journey, you will laugh when we finally get home; you have to do this even when there is nothing funny.  But I am afraid if this is going to be possible.

I really don’t know who gets there and who will be left behind. We have those who will never cross the rivers on the way, the weak and the wounded ones. There are about hundreds of them, all with deep waters. The strong will swim to the shore and the rest will remain.  This is just the beginning, if you are lucky to have successfully crossed to the other side of the river, you should not celebrate or make fun of those who couldn’t.

You have more rivers to cross and there are crocodiles there. These reptiles have not eaten for some time now and it would be a great opportunity to eat. You know it is risky but you have to do it. The lucky ones will cross the river and they have to cross another. It is everyone that the crocodiles will eat; some of them will be swept under the bridge and will be too weak to swim. They will not make it.

The struggle to get there is almost every day. You have to just go and try. You begin to count the days and months that you have. You keep getting weaker and feel like going back to that prison would be great but you have covered a long journey but now, you cannot move any longer.

The journey continues. You have nobody to blame and people are too weak to help you on the way. They are going home but the home keeps distancing itself. The star you have been using on your way is no longer there, it has disappeared. You are back in darkness and can’t find your way home. You got down on your knees and cried, like a child. You know that you have tried your best but it is not working.  You have no options left. You get down again to pray and you will hear a voice asking you to keep going, that home is not far but you have exhausted all the energy you have.  It is now true that you are lost on your way home.



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