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Magwi County receives office supplies

By Ijoo Bosco


The German development agency GIZ provided nearly 10 assorted office supplies to Magwi County headquarters on Thursday, February 22nd.

The donation, aimed at supporting various departments like Agriculture, will enhance service delivery and coordination efforts.

Marus Ladu Wani, Magwi County Executive Director, presided over the handover ceremony.

The donation stemmed from a request by the County Agriculture Department (CAD) under the Community-Driven Rural Development project.

GIZ representative Okeny John presented the supplies, which included, 3 filing cabinets, 3 office tables, 3 office chairs, 10 conference tables 3 ThinkPad laptops, 40 conference chairs, 2 printers, 1 digital projector and 1 Logitech conference screen set

Okeny emphasized the importance of responsible equipment care, highlighting the need for a clean and conducive environment.

He noted that the supplies would benefit not only county offices but also partners during online meetings.

“Please ensure you take good care of these valuable donations,” Okeny urged departmental administrators. “They will not only help us deliver services effectively but can also be shared with others in need.”

He acknowledged the Agriculture Department’s initiative in requesting the supplies, highlighting their prior lack of resources.

Manix Aquestine Oloya, Director for Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment, expressed gratitude for GIZ’s contribution.

He revealed ongoing efforts to secure support from other organizations to address remaining needs. Additionally, he called for expanding the county headquarters to accommodate more staff and departments.

Salva Ben Okeny, Magwi County RRC Coordinator, commended GIZ’s past support, including the construction of Magwi Central School and the renovation of the former county office.

He encouraged other departments to proactively seek similar support.

County Executive Director Wani expressed appreciation for the collaboration between the Agriculture Department and GIZ.

He urged all department heads to ensure the equipment’s responsible use and prevent loss.

This donation follows GIZ’s previous support to the Magwi Cooperative Union with chairs, tables, and printers in 2023.


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