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The messes of our societies and the possible controls

By Alei Wol-maker


The messes of our societies are incomparable to any other indigenous societies around the world.

Our multiple tribes in South Sudan left their unique cultures of resolving grievances and turned into a belief in killing each other including infants, oldest age, domestic animals, destroying properties plus the burning of houses as the only strategic plan for communities to co-exist while others with the empty guts gained political seats through the expenses of the war, placed the whole system of the government in mayhem while living the lives of the citizens in a devastated situation.

No one looks back on the history of the liberation struggle and the causes that led us to choose self-determination from Sudan. The application the Arab society from Khartoum used against us during the 1930s to 2005 is the same methods some elites from each community in the current government do against their communities through incitement of communal conflict and manipulation of public assets into individual benefits that left the military or armed forces in the jungle lives while roads, schools,  hospitals and progressive of the cities & states remained untouched.

The economic system in our society has collapsed because the non-revenue resources are being collected and completely end up for individuals’ needs in the Western world while there are some companies or areas that are not taxed by the non-revenue authorities, national revenue resources are also being collected whereas 40% goes into the packet of fake traders, 50% into the individual’s pocket and 10% into the financial system. So, such a massive practice dismantled our economic system, causing many crimes as well our societies depend on the import of local and industrial goods while our national currency becomes valueless and useless to the extent some of the notes are being rejected & and hidden within our defined states.

Any appointed National Minister of Finance with a system that seems to close all malpractices gates and establishes the criteria that will revive the economy is always subjected to be the worst National Minister who should ever be given suitable times before being tarnished, degraded & and sacked through mouthpieces from the enemies of change running under the downfall of our societies and the government.

As such, the situation caused much damage to our cultures and social life, our south Sudanese societies which were known for rich cultures and social norms lost their identification and messed up with the cultures of our neighbouring states in Africa and the Western world’s cultures and their social behaviours. You can find our young girls and ladies with half-naked dresses, filling up with savage young boys and adults, generated into peer groups while creating unnecessary activities that are harmful to the future, cultural norms and our civic behaviours.

Some who are nonculturally oriented and have achieved unclear academic careers made social media the war zone where 90% of the problems that create messes in our societies are generated. You found very old age and young from both genders on social networks exchanging insults like kids amongst themselves, destroying the reputation of the individuals, creating bears amongst the tribes and on the other hand, the scholars whose tails in the current government betrayed our societies using “freedom in democracy” while beating the drum of war that supports violence in our society situated comfortably in Abroad. Some ladies or girls who don’t have guidance or whose parents are culturally poor have lost their cultures and human dignity through repeatedly “intercourse leaked videos” that are always shared on social media.

However, these things exist currently in our watch because the objectives & and missions of our current politicians,  postholders and self-proclaimed youth leaders in our society, aim to fight for a political, Union and association seat and a way to forge money to take his/her family Abroad, buy expensive equipment and materials, marry additional wives or boyfriends and the wedding of their sons & daughters that abruptly cause two-month budgets for civil servant and no one dared to think about the future of our country, present and the generation to come.

The human or social control in our societies is at 0.0% because the children of our politicians reserved for the country’s destiny Abroad are always caught red-handed with unnecessary activities underlined hereinabove second paragraph while those in South Sudan with a correct vision for South Sudan to be better placed end up traumatized by economic hardship, some students or pupils drop out because of schools fees and others turn into certain irregularities leading to self-destruction and continuous failure for thousands generation to come if we cannot accept to change our current status.



The messes of our own making don’t require foreigners’ efforts or God’s miracle to bring change in our societies, so according to my perspective the following should be the possible control for our government and community leaders in our society to bring change.

  1. The states and counties authorities plus the paramount chief & and executive chef from each community or county in ten states plus three administrative areas are to be called by the national government for a conference in Juba whereas the discussion should aim at the genesis of the problems and possible solution to end the communal conflict in our societies.
  2. The government to suspend the buying of luxurious cars and stop the budgets for renting hotels for the families of Ministers, MPs, Directors and politicians for at least twenty years so that the government should be able to implement its programmes and provide necessities for the country to develop.
  3. Provide agricultural tools or machines that should be taken by the local farmers at affordable prices and establish different industrial companies for our civil population to survive & and revive.
  4. Establish or choose any trusted organisations to build technical schools or vocational training centres for basic skills through a memorandum of understanding in ten states plus three administrative areas for uneducated dozen citizens to learn new technologies and be able to get a job and eradicate poverty.
  5. The government is to be serious and follow up legally with the contracted companies on the completion of the given task If any company exceeds the schedule while the programme remains unfinished the contractor or intended Ministers and its associates shall explain themselves before the law-man, so this process will end the bad policies of prolonging seven days task to be completed in one to two years if my handwriting considered.
  6. The government will make sure to appoint someone with the required qualifications and ability to expedite the objectives and mission of the Ministry or Institution and shall be relieved whether on normal rotation or in conditional set to undergo investigation and further management.
  7. The organised and armed forces require special care from the government by providing necessary services and opening military colleges for soldiers to learn about the constitutional mandate and their roles in society.
  8. The community elders in every society and the government shall have the responsibility to ensure our cultural heritage is well understood by the social groups and lay a systematic process of letting civil society “keep the old and learn the new” as well as Chinese proverbs aforesaid.
  9. The media authority of the South Sudanese needs to review social media and manage some misleading content that goes against our social norms while those whose horns have grown wild will remain under the government’s decisions to shape the society.
  10. The government should empower the Mass Communications and Public Relations professionals under media and communication authorities to promote public lectures on the nature and the contexts of democracy, constitutional rights and limitations to civil populations living in town and those in rural areas as well.

The author of this article is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Mass Communication and social sciences from the School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Juba. 

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