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Lobong makes changes in State gov’t

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore announced several key changes in the state government, on Sunday.

In an executive order, Governor Lobong relieved Auxilio Odume Raimondo of his duties as Director General in the Ministry of Information and Communication. The order did not specify the reason for the dismissal.

However, interestingly, Raimondo was simultaneously appointed to fill the vacant position of State Secretary General. This appointment suggests a possible reassignment within the government rather than an outright dismissal.

Meanwhile, David Eriga, the previous State Secretary General, was relocated to serve as the acting commissioner of Magwi County. This follows the pardon and court summons of the sitting commissioner, Otto David Remson.

Furthermore, Lokorae Logie Joseph was appointed as the new Deputy State Secretary General, replacing Emmanuel Ociti Otaviano. Ociti’s appointment as the Executive Director of the Insurance Regulatory Commission in Ikwoto County prompted this change.

These changes highlight Governor Lobong’s willingness to shake up his administration.

While specific motivations remain unclear, the new appointments suggest a focus on fresh perspectives and potential improvements in governance.

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