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Dear history, you never told us the truth

Each day, as we traverse the rough terrains of life, we are saddened and often haunted by disturbing realities of our day. The stories about a better place we can proudly call home far from where we are and the future we are constantly reminded to believe in, turns out to be false and yet we can’t really imagine how time flies.

It is happening too fast and I am afraid that we might arrive before time. Just a few years ago, we went to war, risking everything to protect the future of our children but now we are in a rush to destroy this future. It is like we are in the race to get there faster.

You can’t really believe but it is true that, it is the old and not the young that dig the grave. It is so stressful to think about this and of course the wasted years of struggle just to reach the finishing line and put everything back to zero, from where it started.

As I pen this letter to history, I really don’t know if it can remember the time when he said we are not going to have families, once this is over {war) who will go to bed hungry because they have nothing to eat, as I have seen millions of them, even those who cannot figure out where their next meal would come from.

Dear history, there are stories that will never be forgotten and mostly the lies you told us. I guessed you were telling the truth when you mentioned that our blood was shed for a just cause. Indeed, you knew what was coming. But you still chose never to tell us.

You knew that our liberation was the beginning of our end, cows on their way to the slaughterhouse, that is what we never knew. The reality now lies sadly, with tears in her eyes. We need another liberation, you never told us that this generation would cost us all that we have, our young people will be killed and fathers will be forced to bury their sons. How could you be so heartless?

You never told us the reality of our day. I wish you had traveled to the future, to see things for yourself and maybe you did but you still kept the truth to yourself and fed us with lies. How dare you?

You stripped us naked of our hope, of the dreams we had, and clothed us with blood, of the people we love.  You never mentioned in your writing that our blessing would be our curse. Sorry! Hell is what you never told us. Children of Kush, chained and even asked to pay for their lives or they are sent to their graves. Why? Do you think of how far we have come? Go to hell, go dear history!

You forgot to tell us that a man who was entrusted to keep the house in order would use that privilege to enrich himself with his friends, family and set the house ablaze.

Dear history, you lied to us that our future would be bright. That it would be a blessing to be in this country. Where did you find the courage? You never told us that the men who would be in charge of our lives would be the same men to take them. You never told us that people would die of hunger.

Maybe those who died were the right ones. But how come you didn’t tell us the truth. You were wrong when you said the men who died for us made the right choice. They still wanted to live but you made a decision for them. Even the tears of those who died were not wiped, still crying everyday for the children they have left behind.

The children and the school goers, you watched them preparing for their future and you hanged them to death. Some of them never said goodbye because you made a swift decision for them. The hate you give!

How are you going to reconcile with the fact that you are the one to blame for our suffering? One day you chose some men to take control of all that we have. They are using this advantage to rob the poor. The women and children of those you successfully murdered never sleep at night. They are always worried about their tomorrow.

You can never tell what happens tomorrow. But the chances of not making it are very high. Dear history, I hope you are here to tell us the truth, to confess and ask for our forgiveness.

We are tired of pretending. I hope you can see. Unfortunately, we don’t want to accept the truth. We are hunted by a nightmare called our reality and it is everyday. We wear like a badge.

Dear history, I want to take you on a journey, it is so that you will not see the happenings because there is no light and you are blind. Will you accept to hold my hand as we embark on this journey? If I say come with me, you will never listen because you are deaf.

Here is my hand; I want to take you home, where the beginning of our end started. There is nothing good here. It is all sadness and pain everywhere. I know you will never accept to go on this journey with me but I will check on you tomorrow, bye for now.

Thanks for reading “Nothing Left To Destroy”. The writer is a law student and currently in the United States of America


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