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Student apprehended for dormitory incident

By Ijoo Bosco


A 21-year-old male student from Fr. Leopoldo Anywar Secondary School in Magwi town, Eastern Equatoria State was apprehended on Friday morning.

The student is suspected of damaging personal belongings in the school dormitory.

Magwi County Police Crime Officer, 1st Lt. Atanga David Ogeno, confirmed the student is currently in police custody for further investigation.

He stated that preliminary inquiries suggest a possible misunderstanding between the student and a classmate, potentially leading to the incident in the dormitory.

Lt. Atanga also indicated that the student appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of apprehension.

He clarified that the school administration brought the student to the police for safekeeping, and no official charges have been filed yet.

Additionally, teachers reported no prior knowledge of any conflicts between the student and his peers.

Mr. Abenyi Richard, the school’s head teacher, explained that upon learning about the incident from his colleagues, he rushed to the dormitory and found the student tampering with another student’s suitcase. He then accompanied the student to the police station.

Mr. Richard highlighted the seriousness of unauthorized access and potential damage to personal belongings, emphasizing it as a form of stealing.


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