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South Sudanese find themselves in a state of complete frustration, grappling with economic, political, and mental mayhem. The current situation has left the nation questioning what is going on.

These trying times of economic hardship demand answers: Do our leaders genuinely care about their citizens, or are they indifferent to the plight we face? It seems that unless people seek refuge abroad, there will be no resolution to this economic crisis that has turned into a deadly ordeal.

Citizens suffer as if the country is still under Sudan’s governance. The essential resource of water, which is meant to be freely given, is now sold at inflated prices that our people cannot afford. Food scarcity looms large, with soaring prices that force residents to go days without proper meals. These circumstances are no laughing matter. Moreover, the black market, conveniently owned by the leaders’ relatives, operates in an empire beyond understanding.

Even in the face of this economic hardship, soldiers, who are meant to protect and serve the nation, exploit their positions by extorting money from drivers. Their actions only exacerbate the suffering experienced by our citizens.

In 1983, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) initiated a civil war against the Khartoum regime, fueled by discrimination in the workplace and mistreatment of the people. Eventually, this led to the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which resulted in separation and the pursuit of freedom.

The silent mistreatment and suffering endured by our people through insecurity, hunger, and economic hardship are deeply disturbing. Our leaders seem indifferent to the plight of their citizens as long as they themselves do not bear the burden.

The frustration with this situation is palpable. Even a Ph.D. holder working in the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank would consider resigning, as their knowledge and expertise are insufficient to tackle this dire economic situation.

I beg the leaders of our nation to rectify the current state of affairs swiftly. Soon, they will find themselves alone as individuals, no longer representing a unified nation, should all citizens perish due to hunger. I also call upon the state government to prioritize the well-being of our citizens.

This unbearable situation demands urgent action. I ask our fellow citizens to remain loyal and stand together.

God bless South Sudan

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