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Lobong directs communities to embark on farming

By Ijoo Bosco


Eastern Equatoria state governor Louis Lobong Lojore has called on citizens to engage in large-scale farming as a means to combat economic hardships caused by persistent inflation.

The directive was announced during the International Women’s Day celebration at Torit Freedom Square.

State governor Louis Lobong Lojore underlined the importance of taking advantage of the current stable state conditions and the upcoming rainy season to boost agricultural activities.

“Our country is also facing some economic challenges we are also faced by climate It is biting and facing our people seriously our people are hungry and some people are starving somewhere and also we who are in the town as all of you are aware inflation and the prices of good and the delay of salaries this fact that we need to understand and together we should come out of it, how to manage it” express Lobong

The governor expressed his commitment to farming as a solution to address these challenges and urged citizens to preserve food and seeds for future cultivation.

Governor Lobong stressed the need for disciplined resource management, particularly among women who play a crucial role as the “ministers of finance” in their households.

He attributed the increase in the value of the dollar to a lack of discipline in resource utilization, urging people to cultivate and reduce dependency on imported goods.

“Many people left cultivation and migrated to the town and there is no work, leaving all burdens on one person who struggles to get little money that is not even enough, this person might even be a theft because he has to steal in order to feed the magnitudes of many people at home,” said Lobong.

The governor also called on women to enter the market and pursue business opportunities, emphasizing the importance of protecting local women’s economic resilience and discouraging foreigners from retailing locally produced goods.


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