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Community welcomes Lobong’s calls for massive farming

By Ijoo Bosco


Community leaders in Torit have warmly received Governor Louis Lobong’s plea to allocate land for cultivation to combat the prevailing economic hardships within Torit County.

Chief Elias Oboi Akilo, a respected figure in the community, commended Governor Lobong for advocating for the cultivation of land to improve the well-being of Torit town dwellers, especially considering the changing climate.

Chief Oboi expressed his community’s willingness to provide land for cultivation, inviting those in need of farming space to utilize their vast and fertile lands in Himodoge Payam, Torit County.

He urged Torit town residents to join hands and support the governor’s call to fight against scarcity by producing an abundance of food for their families and bolstering the local market.

“Let people fight with the grass and then get food from there. Our big enemy is hunger,” he said.

Chief Mathew Odume, the Torit Municipal B Court Chief, also praised Governor Lobong’s initiative, stressing the importance of seeking permission from the community before commencing farming activities.

“Anybody who wants to farm he/she should request from the community,” he said.

“We appreciate governor Lobong’s words indeed we welcome it, all notes that anybody who needs to cultivate the land will remain for the owner, anyone who come to you and needs to farm let him cultivate so that he can feed with his children.”

He acknowledged the increasing population in Torit town and stressed the need for collaborative efforts to combat the prevailing economic challenges.

Governor Lobong, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, directed citizens to engage in extensive farming as a means to mitigate the persistent inflation in the country.

He urged the populace to take advantage of the upcoming rainy season and the stability experienced in the state to boost agricultural activities.

Lobong acknowledged the community’s concerns about hunger and water scarcity, particularly the drying up of wells.



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