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Magwi community urged to unite

By Ijoo Bosco


Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission in Eastern Equatoria State, Becky Ayaa Obong, has urged the citizens of Magwi County to put aside their political differences and prioritize development as their common goal.

Expressing concern over how insecurity has impeded socio-economic and educational activities in various parts of the county, Becky called upon the community to come together and seek ways to establish peace.

She emphasized that her office comprises members from all parties in the Transitional Government of National Unity, working collectively towards national development.

Becky stated that a party can only be effective when it truly cares for the welfare of the community.

She urged women in the party not to rely solely on their political power but to actively participate in women’s associations and support their activities.

Becky advised both men and women to foster love and respect for one another while rejecting any form of violence.

She stressed the importance of gender inclusivity, it is important for promoting respect and ensuring the well-being of women who often face stress, alcoholism, and divorce due to the negative behaviour of some men.

In support of Becky’s message, Mr. Ladu Maurice Wani, the Executive Director of Magwi County, encouraged women to prioritize education and focus on building a better future rather than rushing into marriage.

He expressed his joy at the return of hundreds of people to the Pajok payam.



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