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Magwi mortuary construction commences

By Ijoo Bosco

Magwi Central Boma communities have come together in full force to initiate the construction of a mortuary at the Magwi primary healthcare centre.

The work began with the excavation of the foundation, marking the start of a long-awaited project.

This development comes in response to the concerns raised by community members regarding the lack of a dedicated mortuary.

Previously, the deceased shared space with sick patients until their relatives could arrange for burial.

In a phone interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Mr. Olweny James Langoya, the Chief of Central Boma, expressed his satisfaction with the active participation of the youth in digging the foundation for the mortuary.

According to Olweny, the construction work has been divided among the five Bomas of Magwi Payam. Central Boma has taken the lead, while Amika will provide murram, Kilio will contribute aggregate, Paluoganyi will provide hardcore, and Labor will supply sand.

Mr. Olweny revealed that his Boma only needs financial or food contributions to facilitate the remaining tasks during the construction process.

“We are mobilizing our community members to contribute in kind or money depending on what they have, it’s free without any condition attached for them, this is because the structure is going to help us all here in Magwi boma,” said Olweny.

Mr. Ayella Anthony John, the Acting Chairperson for Quality Improvement Teams (QIT), emphasized that the lack of a mortuary was identified as a key priority for the facility, along with the need for a kitchen.

The Quality Improvement Team is a voluntary group formed to address challenges and issues faced by health facilities within Magwi County.

Mr. Ayella stressed the importance of community support, particularly in terms of labor and other assistance, to ensure the successful establishment of the mortuary.

The work began actively on Tuesday when a team from Christ the King Vocational School laid the foundation.

Subsequently, teams from Central Boma joined in to excavate the foundation.

Mr. Ayella urged the community to actively participate in the project and provide additional support for the construction of the mortuary.

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