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One tree makes a forest. Why should one person not make a multitude?

There are trees everywhere but because such trees are individual, they do not make a forest. According to an encyclopedia, a forest is a dense collection of trees covering a relatively large area. A forest does not just pop up one day, it forms itself with time. It begins with a few or even one tree.

With one grown tree, other trees that best grow under the shade of another tree begin growing under it. As they grow, the scene becomes beautiful and a bit bushy. Then birds begin landing and residing in this scene. As they reside there, they pass feces containing seeds. The seeds germinate and become young plants that will later grow into big trees.

The activity repeats itself and the scene expands as time goes on. If there are no external forces, maybe from humans, such a scene can become a forest in a few years. Then people say there is a forest here. However, many people try to cut down trees, a forest cannot be cut down in one day. Such a dense collection of trees can resist external aggression and that, it can prosper well.

Why can’t one person make a multitude of people? How can one person make a throng of people? One person who has gotten an opportunity can make a multitude of people. As a person with the heart for bringing up other people, he should make sure he gives other people a helping hand to come around and grow.

When any opportunity comes, he can give it to one person. That person and him become two people. When another opportunity comes, he again gives it to another person. Now, they are three. Three opportunities can come and when they give them to three people, they can become six people. When any of the six people find another opportunity or all the six people find opportunities, they can become 12 people.

When the 12 people get 12 opportunities and give them to 12 people, they become 24 people. When 24 people who have gotten the opportunities get other 24 opportunities and give them to 24 fresh people, they become 48. And the multiplication continues. As it continues, a multitude of people is reached at the end.

The motive behind making a multitude of people is to have equal prosperity. With people having equal prosperity, a common challenge is tackled as soon as possible. The fear of being overtaken should not make those who have the power to develop people to refuse to develop people. It is always good to have a forest of people around you. This is because when you are gone, it won’t trouble people to plant a seed to grow in your position.

Instead, one of the people you have developed will take over and the pattern almost remains the same. When one tree falls down in the forest, it is rarely noticeable. The forest almost remains the same. That is what happens when a person who has developed people falls down and dies. The people he has developed occupy his space and the scene looks like no one has ever left.

If one tree can make a forest, what prevents one person from making a multitude of people? If you have never tried developing people around you, it is not too late for you to start developing people now. One successful person living with a hundred unsuccessful people is nothing, but a successful person standing with one root. When a strong storm blows him off, the story ends immediately.

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