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AVSI launches nutrition program in Magwi

By Ijoo Bosco


Italian Development Agency (AVSI) has launched nutrition support program to fight malnutrition among children in Magwi County.

The program’s theme is “Eat Well or Die Early,” was launched on 14th March, this year.

The program aims to detect cases of malnutrition in children at the community level and refer them to health centres for appropriate treatment.

AVSI will provide specialized nutritious food and nutrition counselling at the health facility to treat children and mothers suffering from moderate acute malnutrition and to prevent children from deteriorating into severe acute malnutrition.

To promote community nutrition, the program is being led by the Community Nutrition Action Group, which will train mothers in preparing nutritious food for the community.

At a recent gathering, the women leader of Lacwinyi village, Mrs. Madeline Akwero, expressed appreciation for the initiative.

She urged women and school dropouts to enrol for studies to be able to take care of their children’s health.

She also implored parents to properly feed their children, saying it is not the time for malnutrition.

The in-charge of Obbo Primary Health Care Center, Mr. Isaac Mabutu, encouraged the community to take the awareness seriously, emphasizing that there may be a time when support will not be available.

For her part, the nutrition officer, Viola Night Oyet, urged the community to eat a balanced diet to live longer.

AVSI works on the issue of nutrition by focusing on the family and community of references, with the person at the centre.

Their nutrition interventions range from clinical care of severe acute malnutrition to community nutrition in different contexts, including response and development.


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