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Two dead, one injured in misunderstanding over cattle

By Ijoo Bosco


At least two people have lost their lives, and one other is in critical condition in Burung village, Isoke Payam, Ikwoto County.

The clash occurred due to a misunderstanding related to cattle duties, according to the Executive Director of the Defunct Kidepo, Tito Abas.

Abas explained that the incident unfolded when a boy named Osuru Obiala was fined for neglecting his responsibility of taking the cattle for grazing.

The imposed fine angered Osuru, leading him to pick up a gun and fatally shoot John Owala, while also injuring Ohitang Valentino, he narrated.

In response, the youth in the area acted in self-defense, shooting Osuru to prevent further harm after he had claimed two lives and injured another.

Local authorities attribute the violence to excessive alcohol consumption during the altercation.

Mr. Abas emphasized the necessity of immediate deployments of organized forces and police to help control the escalating criminal activities among unemployed youth, particularly in the face of economic hardships.

The injured victim has been rushed to Isoke Mission Hospital for urgent medical attention.

“We have a limited police force in defunct Kidepo Valley county, we have the power but they are still to be graduated and dispatched to the county, we really need urgent deployment of forces to the county to help minimise the growing criminality in the county,” he said.

Timon Lohure, the Commissioner of Ikotos County, confirmed the incident and highlighted the danger posed by the illegal possession of firearms among civilians.

He called on the State and National Government to develop strategies for disarming civilians to establish lasting peace in the state and across South Sudan.

Fr. Peter Ben Louis, the Patron at St. Theresa Mission Hospital and Parish Priest of St. Theresa Parish, revealed that the injured individuals sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the stomach.

He expressed the hospital’s intention to transfer the victims to Torit State Hospital for further medical treatment.

However, due to transportation challenges and a lack of fuel, the transfer has been delayed.

“We have receive the injured youth, the condition is truly critical and as you know hour situation here, transportation issue couple with lack of fuel is really very bad, I have a vehicle but there is no fuel to fill the car to transport the victim to Torit state hospital, truly I don’t have fuel I would have help lend my vehicle,” lament Fr. Ben.



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