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Community urged to reduce land conflicts

By Ijoo Bosco

The head chief of Lobone Payam in Magwi County has urged communities to contribute to the reduction of land conflicts for the sake of peace.

This appeal comes in the wake of a recent dispute between two communities in Lobone Payam, which escalated into destructive incidents on Sunday morning.

During the incident, the road was temporarily closed as communities from opposing sides refused to allow each other to cross.

In a telephone interview with this outlet, Lobone’s head chief, Mr. Obwoya Sisto, highlighted that land issues have been ongoing for years, even during the time of the ten states and later the 32 states, without any resolution.

According to Mr. Obwoya, the paramount chief’s efforts to address the matter in the past have not yielded positive results.

He further explained that the recent meeting on Sunday morning was marred by misunderstandings, leading to the destruction and burning of several chairs and tables.

One person also sustained minor injuries.

The head chief advised landowners to seek peaceful ways of coexisting with their neighbors instead of resorting to conflicts.

Mr. Obwoya encouraged the community of Lobone to prioritize farming and avoid disputes, which only serve to divide them.

He emphasized that dedicating time and effort to agricultural activities leaves little room for misunderstandings, as everyone is focused on securing their future.

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