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Teenager hacked to death


By Ijoo Bosco


A gang of unidentified youths brutally attacked and hacked to death 18-year-old Akena Robin Okeny, a local sports center operator in Lobure Boma of Magwi Payam.

Local officials confirmed the incident, expressing deep concern over the increasing fear among residents caused by gangs terrorizing the area in recent months.

Robin, critically injured in the machete attack, was rushed to Magwi Primary Healthcare Centre, where he tragically succumbed to his injuries.

The youth leader of Magwi Payam expressed sorrow over the ongoing reign of terror inflicted by these gangs, which has created an atmosphere of fear within the community.

The Boma chief of Lobure, Mr. Martin Okech Khemis, said he received the information about the incident upon his return from Lobone.

He had been informed that an individual had been attacked in his area.

Khemis revealed that a disco dance was taking place in a residential area of Lobure, with numerous youths from different areas in attendance, when the tragic incident unfolded.

He said an immediate investigation have been launched, with the involvement of local youths in the area, as authorities continue their search for the perpetrators.

At present, the police in Magwi are holding 14 suspects in connection with the killing.

“The suspects are 12 males and 2 females; we are still investigating them once we finalize our finding the truth will be released out for public consumption,” he said.

In a related incident, an unidentified individual set houses ablaze in the Ijula residential area of Magwi Payam last week, around 1 a.m.

Local leaders say in a meeting on Friday morning that there is a worrying rise in gang culture and violence in Magwi town.




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